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Chua En Lai Net Worth, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Chua En Lai (Cherry) is a fictional character that appeared in the book, Eat, Pray and Love, by American author Janet Evanovich. Chua En Lai is married to Lao-Tzu, who is a Taoist and preaches the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Chua En Lai believes that with harmony and balance one can achieve anything. Chua En Lai is portrayed as an elderly, extremely ill and aging Chinese woman who live in the rural countryside in China. She has a son named Chua En Lai (Cherry), who is a street kid who becomes a star like his father.

Chua En Lai facts are as follows: She is from Fujian province in central China. She is an actress and singer that were known for her carefree and honest singing and acting. She is a popular Taiwanese politician and is currently under consideration as Taiwan’s next President. Chua En Lai became a Taiwanese national when she ran for and became a member of the legislature.

Chua En Lai trivia will show that Chua was actually born in Singapore. She was actually born in June of 1911 and was one-month-old when her parents got married. Chua was then taken cared by her grandmother during the year that she was three years old. Chua was then sent to live with her aunt and uncle in rural Fujian province where her grandmother taught her how to sing and speak Cantonese. Chua En Lai then moved to Singapore when she was twelve years old. She later became known as one of the most popular and well-known Chinese television characters on Chinese television.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Chua En Lai
Occupation Actor
Age 41
Date of Birth November 24, 1979
Place of Birth Singapore
Star Sign Sagittarius
Country Singapore
Gender Male

There are some interesting Chua En Lai facts about her personal life. Chua En Lai was married twice though born in Singapore, she was also married to Chow Ting Yin in whom she had one child. Chua was also married to Li Ka Nei who died in a plane crash. Chua En Lai had one son before she retired as an actress in 2023. Chua En Lai was divorced from Chow Ting Yin in 2023.

Some interesting Chua En Lai facts include that she did not learn to dance like her father because she was too busy with her acting career. Her father and four other siblings played the tambourines while Chua learned dancing from a young age. Chua went to study ballet at the City College of Hong Kong before she decided to become an actress. Chua En Lai has since gone on to star in more than 80 films including Who Framed Roger Rabbit? She is best known for playing the character Ping Pong in the equally successful sequel to The Fantastic Mr Fox as well as for the role of Leeta in the award winning Kung Mangue in the animated film King Kong.

Neo is the main character of the story and this movie is widely known as the birth of modern pop culture. Chua En Lai plays the role of the legendary figure called Neo and is very popular amongst the Chinese and Singaporeans. Many foreigners are now watching this popular TV series that is not only filled with action and adventure but it is also full of humor. Neo is a robot who lives in the future known as 21st century Singapore and is an orphan whose past remains a mystery. Chua En Lai became close to Neo after she saved him when he was being mugged by a gangster and he promised her that he would do whatever she wanted to do in his place of work if she would help him.

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