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1st Week Class 6 Assignment Answer Bangla 2023

Bangla is currently the first-week assignment for class 6 students. The answers have to be given from three chapters in the sixth grade Bangla textbook. Students will have to write an essay on their honesty reward from Bangla books. For our dear students, we have to write the answers to the assignment from these three prose of Minu, Nilenad and Pyramid Country. So, they have to write answers to at least 10 short questions in the Bangla assignment.

Importance of 6th grade Bangla assignment: Assignment is important for increasing the creative talent of the students. Assignments should be written in your own language. Never steal or copy someone else’s writing. Because then the desired creative talent will not grow. For this, the students have to understand the textbooks. Then the further development of the creative talent of each student will take place. Then you can’t rely on any kind of notes or guides. The answers cannot be written from the guide. If the students rely on the guide then the proper development of creativity will never happen. Details information is available on

Class 6 Assignment Bangla 2023 First Week

Therefore, each student has to write the correct answers to the question using his own talent. Then day by day creative talent will be further improved. Also, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education has instructed that if the answer to the question matches with a notebook, guide book, or someone else’s writing, that assignment will be considered void. Then again that student has to prepare and submit the assignment.

So, in this case, the textbook is the most reliable. Because students get accurate information only from books. That is why it is important to have accurate information and reasonable explanations when writing assignments. And the only useful medium for all this necessary information is the textbooks of each class. Another important aspect of the assignment is that no misinformation can ever be given.

Class 6 Bangla Assignment 2023 (1st Week)

1st week assignment class 6 answer Bangla

Because if the wrong information is given, there will not be adequate evaluation, i.e. evaluation is bound to be bad. The answers to some of the questions in the Bengali assignment are short or short and the answers to some of the questions are analytical. In this case, the answers to the short questions have to be written in a proper and correct manner.

The importance of handwriting in Bengali assignments: Another special aspect of assignments is handwriting. If you want to get good marks on the Bangla assignment, you must write your handwriting beautifully. Because if the handwriting of the students is not good, it can cause annoyance in the mind of the teacher. Then the assessment will not be correct in that answer sheet.

So where the handwriting is good, the teacher will have a good vision and the notebook will be evaluated properly. Moreover, since the assignment is being prepared at home, the student can write their handwriting beautifully if they want. No, if an educated person wants, he can present their Bangla assignments in the most beautiful and melodious language by paying attention.


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