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ICT Assignment Answer 4th Week 2023

Class nine students are waiting to solve their ICT assignment of 3rd week 2023. Information communication technology e is the full form of ICT which is a very interesting subject to the students. Many students feel happy to solve their ICT assignment and some students feel disappointed. But every student wants to get full marks on their assignment. It is really important because the Marks will help to get rank higher on the next class.

The ministry of education has published thought weak Assignment on 12 November 2023. The last date of assignment submission is 19 November 2023. The students are already completing their assignment because this time the ministry of education has provided multiple subjects. See ICT Assignment Full Syllabus on 2023 Assignment.

Class 9 ICT assignment solution 2023

It is the first task of ICT for class 9 students. In this Task, students are asking to write a report after completing their first lesson of ICT textbook. They need to complete the assignment themselves with the current situation of covid-19. The topic is how to manage education activity by e-learning on this covid-19 situation where regular educational activities stopped.

Fast write an introduction and then provide the logical information to stop regular class on this covid-19 situation. Now, provide the concept of e-Learning and the benefits of e-learning. Write the challenges to apply e-learning. Finally right it the skill gain concept from e-Learning and its possibilities in the regular moment and complete the assignment by writing a conclusion. You can take help by reading in Bengali from the below image.

Class 9 ICT Assignment 3rd Week

If you need all subject assignment solution of class 9, you can read the class 9 assignment solution post to find out all subject solution quickly. We are adding the solution of assignment continuously for our visitor who is visiting our website regularly. Thank you for being with us.


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