Confederate Memorial Day 2021 Date, Status, Quotes, Activities & Image

Confederate Memorial Day 2021 is will celebrated with Image, Status and Quotes. Confederate Heroes’ Day is also known as the Confederate Memorial Day. In Texas and Florida, this day is called the Confederate Heroes’ Day and in Tennessee, it is known as Confederate Decoration Day. It is a cultural holiday observed in the Southern United States. This day is celebrated to remember the Confederate soldiers died in the Civil War.

This holiday is unofficially observed in most of the southern states of the USA. And in South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. The Confederate Heroes’ Day is a Statutory holiday in Georgia and Alabama. It is a legal holiday in South Carolina. It is known in different names in different states.

When is Confederate Heroes’ Day in 2021?

Confederate Memorial Day for Georgia and Alabama on the fourth Monday of April. Mississippi observes the day on the last Monday of April. And the Confederate Heroes’ Day in Texas celebrates on the 19th of January every year. In Tennessee, on June 3 the Confederate Decoration Day is observed.

History of the Confederate Memorial Day

From 1861 to 1865 the American Civil War was fought. The War started in April 1861 and ended on 26 April 1865. During this war, around 290,000 soldiers died. In spring 1886 the Ladies Memorial Association passed a resolution to remember the Confederate war dead soldiers.

Confederate Heroes’ Day Celebration

The day is celebrated to honour the Civil War heroes’ who fought against slavery. The sons and daughters of the Confederate Veterans arrange the celebration of this holiday each year. And that arrangement includes the reenactments in honour of past Confederate heroes and parades.

Confederate Memorial Day Quotes