Constitution Day Training

The Fourth of July is often referred to as Constitution Day, but what’s really behind the whole thing? Well, it’s really nothing more than a glorified holiday, designed to raise awareness of the importance of the Constitution and the checks and balances that safeguards it. Indeed, I tend to agree with those who believe that the United States Government is really very weak when it comes to defending its Constitution. Why isn’t there more done in this area?

First, one cannot simply teach the people what the constitution is in any one particular classroom or school. This would be a virtual collapse of any educational system, as people would be totally unaware of such matters and simply accept whatever the teachers say. Second, why are there not more classes like the ones offered by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? These are the figures of strength of our nation, and these could easily be taught via web-based constitutional awareness programs that have been introduced annually. The annual Awareness Day programs should reach every citizen in those communities, and they should do so by incorporating web-based tools that will make the subject matter fun and engaging for a younger generation, which should also increase the percentage of citizens who will be properly taught about the Constitution.

Constitution Day Training

To learn more about the Constitution, its history and creation please visit the National Archives and Records Administration’s website:

When we consider the lack of time required for lengthy courses given during the traditional fall and winter breaks, we need to look at the feasibility of a complete new course curriculum in September. We can easily divide the current year’s coursework in half and teach all of the major issues this year, as well as a few lesser-covered ones. What’s most important is to find out if any of our local federal agencies will even take the time to use this new course material. If so, then the hard work is done, and we can get the information in the hands of hundreds of thousands of taxpaying citizens in September.

In previous years, we’ve seen quite a bit of progress with younger Americans learning about their constitutional rights. This past September, we saw the first major effort of this type at fort Campbell public school in the San Francisco Bay area. Many parents have reported positive changes in attitudes toward their children after the implementation of this online program. The website for fort Campbell public schools offers an eight week course that will cover the key issues surrounding the constitution. Students will be able to access lessons on issues such as the First Amendment, due process, equal protection, and privacy rights.

These same leaders will then be able to access a demo version of the online course at their own pace. It is expected that the course will also include research related to their federal jobs, along with a review of how the Department of Defense has been implementing changes across the board. It is expected that the first classes will be offered to federal employees in January of next year. In addition, we may very well see further development in this program as President Obama has made it a priority to begin enrolling women and minorities into the service in every element of the government. In fact, there are currently recruitment drives underway in all the agencies across the Government!

In considering this course, it is important to remember the importance of this new online Constitution Day Training. Federal employees are sworn in to uphold and protect the United States Constitution and all Americans should hold them accountable. These specially designed online courses give us citizens the tools that we need to help hold our government accountable. Our government is willing to work with you to ensure that the lessons learned here are passed on to future generations. Are you interested?


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