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Corpus Christi Day is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. On this day, we celebrate the miracle of His birth and also the coming of the Son of God to redeem mankind from sin. The celebration of Corpus Christi is one of the most important feasts and festivities of the entire Mediterranean season. In fact, the Christian communities all over the world commemorate this day with great joy and enthusiasm.

Date: Most scholars hold that Corpus Christi was originally celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. But the actual date has not been determined. Most scholars hold that Corpus Christi is a Latin word for” Corpus Christi Sunday” or “Christ’s Body”. In modern times, however, the day is more commonly called” Corpus Christi Anniversary” or “SD anniversary”. This is because the feast is usually celebrated on the last Sunday of Lent.

Coverage: On this day of the Catholic Church, it is customary to go to the church and celebrate a large mass. People join hands and make crosses that symbolize the unity of the family. After this, they distribute candies to each other, children dance and play traditional Mexican dances, and pop singers sing popular Catholic songs. The whole celebration lasts for three hours. However, some communities have transferred the entire celebration to the first Sunday of Advent.

Feasts: On the Corpus Christi festival day, large groups of people gather to the church and participate in various feasts. The most popular feasts include an early morning Mass followed by the distributing of sweets to children and adults alike. In addition, a number of artistic performances are held. The best examples of these are played by Mexican actors which are performed before an audience in the streets. At the end of the performance, a Latin American priest delivers a sermon. A highlight of the whole festival is the procession, which is accompanied by numerous carols.

Corpus Christi Day Best Messages, Quotes, And Greetings

  • In the first place, through the reception of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, Christ himself, the cause of grace becomes present in man.
  • Jesus, we are grateful for the gift that you gave us, and the way you teach us how to live for others, may we always feel your presence in every corner of the world.
  • I believe that the most necessary thing to do on the festival of Corpus Christi is not to explain some aspects of Eucharist, but to revive wonder and marvel before the mystery.
  • Corpus Christi has so many great fighters, but they have never honoured their sacrifices accordingly.
  • He is motivated by his love and by his desire to teach us to love others Jesus come on earth and has stayed with us in Eucharist.
  • without the Eucharist, the Church does not exist.
  • Find new ways to spread the lessons of god in every corner of the world.
  • First, look yourself and remember the purpose for what God has made you, it is that to love the creatures of god and always stand for justice or inequality.

Convection: Many countries have adapted the traditional Catholic mass wherein the mass is followed by a gathering of people in a community. In the United States, however, many countries have kept the Corpus Christi Mass intact with just a few additions. In many Latin American countries, where the Trinity Sunday has very limited ceremonial activities, people celebrate Corpus Christi on any occasion such as a special family gathering or a holiday. In many other countries, Corpus Christi is a solemnity with many prayers being said. In fact, the mass is much different from the Catholic mass where the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross is the central point of the service.

Corpus Christi Day is a joyful time for Christians all over the world. It is also celebrated differently depending on culture and religion. Some communities in Latin America celebrate Corpus Christi on the first Sunday of Advent, while others wait for the full moon of Taurus to make this special occasion. Other Christians prefer to break the fast on Thursday and spend the entire day in prayer and meditation. The Catholics hold the traditional mass on Friday evening followed by a candle celebration or dinner at one’s home. The third and final meal of the week, breakfast is also provided by the Church but this event is not as widespread as the other two.

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