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Cousin’s Day is a special occasion in the lives of Cousins and their close family and friends. On this day, on the first day of May, it is tradition to give gifts to close relatives and friends of the Cousins who have been celebrating a birthday or celebrating a special occasion for a long time. The day was created as a way to celebrate and honor the close relationship that the Cousins have with their relatives and friends. In most of the countries like India and Pakistan, it is a special occasion and people celebrate on this day. But in other countries like US and Canada, the day is not celebrated on this day because they don’t celebrate a big event on this day.

In some part of the country like the US, Canada and the UK, the day is also celebrated with a lot of pomp and show and everyone shows great respect to the Cousins. On this day, all the cousins, friends and relatives gather together at the house of a cousin of theirs and participate in a feast and dance. They even have a special dance that involves fluttering of the eyelashes and some other such fun filled activities. This is what is called as a traditional party in the United Kingdom and that too with great pomp and show.

Cousins day Wishes

In other parts of the world, it has become a part of the major celebration that takes place during mid-May. On this day, the government offers money to the parents of a child so that they can buy gifts for their children. A large number of companies and firms organize such celebrations to wish the person on his or her birthday. This is known as a Birthday Party and in most of the cases, all the relatives and friends gather together at one place and offer gifts to their fellow member of the family. People also take part in various other activities like cooking food items, playing games, watching television and enjoy the day in their own way.

  • Thanks for always having my back. I love you. Happy Cousins Day dear.
  • Happy Cousins Day dear. I am so blessed to have a cousin like you. Thanks for being my closest friend forever.
  • The vacations we spent together in grandparent’s house is the best childhood memory I have ever had. I love you. Happy cousin’s day to you.
  • Happy Cousins day my dearest cousin. Let’s meet soon. I miss you.
  • Dear cousin, though we used to fight a lot I want to tell you that you mean a lot to me. I feel blessed to have you as my cousin in life. My prayers are always with you. Happy Cousins Day.
  • To my one and only cousin, Happy Cousins Day. Always be happy and healthy.
  • Cousins are nothing less than another set of siblings from another home. Happy cousin’s day!

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After the day celebrations, the house is cleaned and the housekeeping is done. People return home smiling and celebrate the birthday in their own way. In most of the cases, people just get ready and play some traditional games. However, there are instances where arrangements are made for other activities like dance performances, kiddie shows and magicians. The party is then hosted by the relatives and friends of the kid.

Cousins day Pic
Cousins day Pic
Cousins day
Cousins day
National Cousins Day
National Cousins Day

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Cousins Day is not only about parties. There are many other things that people do on this day. Some of them practice yoga exercises to wish each other on their birthdays. The rituals performed on this day include the exchange of cards and flowers and then sharing cake.

There is also a lot of shopping that takes place. People visit different shops to buy gifts for their near and dear ones. Gifts also include electronic goods and other items. Restaurants provide special services and cuisine items at a very discounted price on this special occasion.

  1. I have never told you how lucky I feel every moment to have you in my life. You are not only a brother to me, but you are also a very good friend too. Happy Cousins Day Bro!
  2. The way we grew up together never let me think of you as anyone less than my own brother. Happy cousins day, brother.
  3. Cousins or friends, whatever they name it, you are the best brother in the entire world. Happy cousins’ day.


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