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Cuffem the dog is currently ranked as the world’s second youngest dog, just following Shrek (who is now retired). Cuffem the puppy is currently rated as the fourth most popular toy dog in the United Kingdom. Cuffem has also been awarded Cuffem facts – Cuffem’s birthday. Cuffem the dog was first born on a Tuesday and have since been living for 6,939 days, Cuffem’s next B’day will be some time after two months, 2 weeks, 3 months,

Cuffem’s Cuffem facts include his origins, Cuffem’s name, Cuffem’s birth date, where he is currently living, and Cuffem’s net worth. Cuffem’s birthday is on the 4th August, which is not a common celebratory date for young dogs. Cuffem’s owner is a Thai lady by the name ofina. Cuffem’s Cuffem net worth is not yet known but it is believed to be in the thousands of pounds. Cuffem’s Cuffem bio only states Cuffem’s age as being nine years and 10 months.

Cuffem the puppy was brought into the United Kingdom from Thailand by his owner, who had been told that Cuffem belonged to a much older family and this lead Cuffem to be confused as to his real age. Cuffem’s Cuffem biography states that Cuffem can be introduced to people at three and half months of age, Cuffem’s Cuffem birthday is on the 4th August and Cuffem have already met his own parents, father and brother. Cuffem’s Cuffem biography goes on to state that Cuffem started going to daycare at the age of three and four months but that he soon got bored and went back to his family’s home.

Cuffem’s Cuffem ownership is not fully known but Cuffem’s Cuffem bio mentions that Cuffem sleeps up to twenty hours and Cuffem eats four to five small meals a day. Cuffem’s Cuffem ownership also states that Cuffem loves to play with water, eat dog food (human food is OK), and is very playful. Cuffem does not swim, neither does Cuffem get exercise, Cuffem belongs to Cuffem the dog. Cuffem sleeps most of the day and only wakes up to eat and to have some fun.

Full Name Cameron Jordan
Nickname Cuffem
Profession Twitch Star
Date of Birth 30 April 2002
Age(as in 2023) 18 years
Height (approx) 180 cm
Body Measurements (approx) Not Known
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Net Worth $100,000 – $1M (approx.)
GirlsFriends Single

Cuffem’s Cuffem ownership is a very happy story and Cuffem is mentioned in Cuffem the World magazine. Cuffem the owner is quoted as saying Cuffem likes to be brushed and touched and Cuffem likes to sleep in his owners’ beds. Cuffem the dog has been featured in Cuffem the World Magazine and Cuffem the owner has said Cuffem has a lot of friends. Cuffem the dog is now being trained for agility, tricks and performance. Cuffem’s Cuffem birthday is in October.

Cuffem the dog is an active and happy-go-lucky tiny dog who loves to play and sleep in his own bed. Cuffem’s Cuffem birthday is in October. Go Cuffem!

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