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Daniella Monet Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Daniella Monet became one of the most renowned and admired modern day artists in the early twentieth century. She was a world-famous celebrity from her time as an apprentice to Andy Warhol. This was followed by her long-time involvement in art and conservation, both in her native Austria and abroad. Today, Daniella Monet has established a significant art career, which has spanned four decades, and has focused on various areas of art and visual culture. As such, Daniella Monet’s artwork and collection are widely displayed across Europe and the United States.

In this article, we will look at Daniella Monet’s life and works, and explore some of the mediums through which she has achieved success. Monet, originally from Austria, studied painting in Venice during the early years of her career, before taking up a teaching post at the prestigious Louvre in Paris. She then spent a number of years traveling the world, visiting various art galleries, still-life galleries, as well as historically-significant sites. During this period, she also began a series of collaborative projects, which resulted in the publication of a book of the same name, in which she discussed the process of painting in relation to the process of social movement. The book ultimately formed a major part of her portfolio, which Monet used to celebrate her successes and explore new ideas. In this article, we will discuss Daniella Monet’s works which have been shown extensively in the UK and the US, as well as the significance of social media in creating a unique and personal artistic voice.

Daniella Monet Biography

Daniella Monet is an American Actress and Singer, She was born March 1, 1989 in West Hills, California, United States. She performs for Hollywood Movies and Television Series. Daniella Monet has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars. She featured for her role in TV Series ‘Victorious’, ‘Zoey 101’ and film ‘Nancy Drew’.

Daniella Monet born in USA into a Christian family and her parents names we will udate here. She is unmarried and she dating with Andrew Gardner since 2011. Her ethnicity White, Birth Sign Pisces and Nationality American.

Daniella Monet Personal Life

Real Name: Daniella Monet Zuvic

Date of Birth: March 1, 1989

Profession: Actress, Singer

Height: 5 ft 3 in or 160 cm

Parents: NA

Daniella Monet Contact Details

Phone Number: As of now, due to security issue we can not publish her personal mobile phone number. We hope that’s fine with you too.

Whatsapp Number: Not Available

Email ID: Not Available

Official Website:

Telephone Number: Not Available

Fax Number: Not Available

Fan Mail Address: Daniella Monet LINK Entertainment 11872 La Grange Avenue 1st Floor Los Angeles, CA 90025-5283 USA

Office Address: Not Available

House/Residence Address: West Hills, California, U.S.

Daniella Monet Social Media Profiles

Daniella Monet is a very famous person on social networks sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube  & more. Her profiles are watching by millions of her fans regularly. If you can’t find her phone number, email & website then you may contact with her using her social media websites. We shared her all verified official social media websites list in below.

Facebook Page:

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Snapchat Id: Not Available

Daniella Monet’s paintings are primarily seen in museums, as well as on various canvas and glass surfaces throughout the world. The majority of Monet’s work is produced in the semi-precious metals, notably silver and gold. However, she has also created works which utilise non-metals in order to create beautiful and provoking effects, particularly in regards to the colouring of her paintings.

For example, one painting in which Monet shows off a series of body measurements taken from different aspects of her life, is entitled Sleeping Beauty (1907) and portrays the results of the dancer’s bodily fluids as they are being gently coiled up inside of the frame. The colours used within the painting are primarily soft blues, such as those which are present in the colours of Sleep. Furthermore, Daniella Monet has also used the colours green and white, which form the basis of the natural landscape in the painting. It can be assumed that these colours may have inspired the actress’ use of the same colours when preparing for her TV role. Whilst the colours themselves may not have actually been consciously considered by the artist, Monet’s use of these colours certainly suggest a degree of importance which can be deduced from the fact that the star of such iconic works as The Yellow House in which she appears, has made a conscious effort to associate these colours with beauty.

Daniella Monet’s paintings appear to have been inspired by many other art forms, with most of her pieces appearing to utilise elements which are common amongst the art of the past. In terms of the painting which was featured in this article, it can safely be assumed that the inspiration which were gained from watching The Yellow House inspired the star of the Monet’s painting, and that these elements have been incorporated in this modern update soon to be released in the next year. What’s more, Daniella Monet’s use of the colour orange in this painting also looks likely to feature here. The bright oranges and reds which make up the image of The Yellow House can be seen in numerous other Monet works, including The Seasons (1913), The Nudes (ctory Series, 1920) and The Oued Plein (ocative Portrait, 1923).

Daniella Monet’s famous paintings have often been described as having an ‘organic’ look, which is perhaps why they so attracted modern day collectors such as the film director Luc Jacquet. The paintings have always been widely priced, with previous versions of the Monet collection regularly fetching prices in excess of a million pounds. It’s safe to say that many fans of art are hoping that the sale of Daniella Monet’s ‘last work’ will raise enough cash to allow her to buy back her much loved passion. If you’re looking for a cheap contemporary style portrait which is sure to appeal to a wide range of tastes, then perhaps this beautiful British artist is the right choice for you!

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