DBBL Bank Statement: How to Check & Download DBBL Bank Statement Free?

DBBL Bank StatementHow to download Dutch Bangla Bank’s Agent Banking, Credit Card and Core A/C Bank Statement Free from Internet? DBBL Bank Statement is one of the crucial processes for its user. Many DBBL customers asked to see their Transaction History of their Bank Account, Agent Banking Account, and also Rocket. Under DBBL Bank Statement Content, We’re sharing all available Processes to get DBBL Statement Free and also quickly. At first, we’re going to describe the Core Banking Statement, Then Agent Banking Statement, and Finally DBBL Mobile Banking Statement (Rocket) and DBBL Credit Card Statement. There are some restriction or limitation available but you can do from our guideline. Bank Statement of DBBL can check or Download quickly through Internet Banking  Service of DBBL, Through Any Branch, Mobile Banking & Agent Banking Office (Agent Banking & Rocket), NexusPay App, and also via ATM (For Card Users).

Every Process is different from each other. So, you can follow any individual process to get your Statement. But, make sure that you have the feature where you can Download your Bank Statement for Free! In this current situation, we highly recommend you not to visit any Branch to get the Bank Statement. So, you can follow the other processes to get it quickly. Let’s see the process and choose the best one for you.

Download DBBL Bank Statement from Internet Banking (Free)

It is one of the most popular ways to download your DBBL Bank Account Statement Free from Internet Banking. You can Download or Print the Statement from Account Opening Date. If you don’t have any Card, you can also check or Download the Bank Statement through this system. Just follow some easy method and get your Bank Statement quickly.

  • Click here & login to Your Internet Banking Account using “User ID” and “Password” [If you’re not an Internet Banking user, Contact DBBL Hotline to know the process of Activating Internet Banking. Also, You can visit any Branch of DBBL to submit Internet Banking Application Form & Hardware Token]
  • You will see Mini Statement on the Homepage after successful login, Now click on the “More” Icon [Details on the Screenshot].
Mini Statement - DBBL Internet Banking - Download DBBL Bank Statement
Mini Statement – DBBL Internet Banking – Download DBBL Bank Statement
  • Now Select Statement Information like Search By, Statement Schedule (Start Date & Last Date), Debit or Credit Info, Sort by, Sort order, Number of Transection, etc.
Statement Selection - DBBL Internet Banking - DBBL Bank Statement Download
Statement Selection – DBBL Internet Banking – DBBL Bank Statement Download
  • Finally, Click on the “Submit” button to see your Bank Statement. It is fully free so you can Print through your Printer or Take Screenshot of the Transaction History.

Your Bank Statement is Ready! I hope you have satisfied to see your Bank Statement with our Provided method. Now, you can follow other systems if you don’t have the Internet Banking Feature Right now. Let’s follow the alternative process here.

Check DBBL Bank Statement from NexusPay

NexusPay users can check the DBBL Bank Statement Quickly through the App. It is also Free and very simple to do. But, the user must need to have a Nexus Debit card under Core Banking Account or Nexus Debit card under Agent Banking Biometric Account. NexusPay basically works with Card. Rocket Account also can be added on NexusPay App. So, this process is only for the Rocket users and DBBL Card users. Now, follow the below process to see the DBBL Bank Statement.

  • Login your NexusPay App first. If you don’t have the NexusPay App on your Smartphone, You need to install the app first. [We’ve another post about DBBL NexusPay App, you will get everything about this App]
  • Click on the Menu Icon [Menu Icon] from Left Top Corner
  • Now, click on the “Mini Statement” Button
  • Select Card Image you want to see Statement.
  • Your Mini Statement is Ready

This is a very easy process for users. So, you can choose this easy process to see your Transaction History of All DBBL Bank Account [Debit Card]. Credit Card, Agent Banking Debit Card, and Rocket Mobile Banking Account.

DBBL Bank Statement Print Copy from Bank

All Core Banking users of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited can Collect Print Copy of their Bank Statement quickly through any Branch of DBBL. Please be noted that this process is not Free and you will be charged. Ask to the Executive of General Section about the Charge of Bank Statement. It is different and depends on the Number of Pages you are printing. Many customers don’t have Internet Banking, NexusPay, and any cards, they can check their Bank statements with this method. Now, follow this process:

  • Visit any Branch of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
  • Get General Token [G Series] and inform Security that you’re visiting here for Statement. He will select a Statement on your Token.
  • Now, wait and when your Token Number will display on the Service Counter, Visit, and tell details about the statement like start date, last date, and transaction type.
  • The Executive will print your Statement and provide you with Sign.

You don’t need to provide any Fee to the Executive and it will be charged from your Account Balance directly. But, you can know the Fee from the Executive.

Dutch Bangla Bank Rocket & Agent Banking Statement Download

DBBL Agent Banking and Rocket users can know their Bank statements quickly through Mobile Banking Office. It is basically known [Named] as Dutch Bangla Bank Mobile & Agent Banking Office. Now, follow the below guideline and get your Statement.

  • Visit DBBL Mobile Banking & Agent Banking Office [Lists are available here]
  • Fill up and Form with Schedule of Statement which requires [Example: Last 3 Months or Last 6 Months]
  • Submit the Application to the Officer who serving you.
  • The Office will check and provide the statement to the account holder with attested.

Agent Banking users can also download their Statement from Agent Banking Sub Agent Point or DBBL First Track Office. This process also very easy. Just ask the Sub Agent who is in the Agent Banking office or Sub Agent Point and you will get the Statement.

  • The customer comes to Sub-Agent Point /Teller Point /FT for statement checks and tells the Agent Banking account number or show debit card.
  • Sub-Agent/Teller/FT Officer Log-in to Portal/ e-POS/m-POS terminal by using Password/PIN.
  • The system will verify device MAC ID and will allow login
  • Initiates Statement inquiry transaction
  • Input account number
  • Customer will verify the account number and then Input Customer Finger Print
  • The system shows customer Statement
  • Sub-Agent/Teller/FT Officer inform customer/Provide slip

Now see the Slip where your Statement is available. You can also check the Statement from DBBL ATM if you have a debit card of the Agent Baking Account.

How to Know DBBL Statement from ATM?

Debit & Credit Card users of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited allow checking the Mini Statement from ATM Machine. Customers can also print the Mini Statement by paying 3 TK. Just follow the below steps and Print your Bank Statement quickly through ATM Machine.

  • Insert your Card on the DBBL ATM Machine
  • Type your PIN
  • Click on the Button where the show Mini Statement
  • You will see Print Statement Logical option YES/NO. Click Yes Button
  • Your Mini Statement will be Printed Successfully.

This is the last part of this content and we hope that you have checked your Dutch Bangla Bank Limited Account Statement. We’re happy to inform you that, you can also Call 16216 or 09666716216 from any Mobile number to know the Statement. The Agent who will serve you will ask some questions for verifying your account. You need to provide all of the information and then you will eligible to know the Statement Data. Please be informed that you can ask any Individual Transaction Data from the Call Centre. You can’t ask all data via Phone Call. For any more information, Let’s inform us on comments.

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