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DcYoungFly Net Worth 2023, Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Family

DcYoungFly is an underground Hip Hop artist from the United States. DcYoungfly gained his first major break when he was discovered by underground Hip Hop radio station X Roc. DcYoungfly trivia: DcYoungfly was born in Atlanta, Georgia and is now known by other names such as DcYoungfly, D-Cee, and D.C. He has been a featured act on several notable Hip Hop radio stations such as 97.5 The Shade 90 and Kbrok radio.

DC Young Fly Quick Info
Height 5 ft 11 in
Weight 72 kg
Date of Birth May 2, 1992
Zodiac Sign Taurus

DcYoungfly biography: DcYoungfly got his real name from a nickname that he used while growing up that meant “bug” but later changed to “diddy”. DcYoungfly’s real name is Dedrick Young, he went by D-C-Y during his early years but later DcYoungfly became DcYoungfly. DcYoungfly first made his musical debut when he was just a teenager with his then band DcYoung (then called D-Cee). DcYoungfly made a few records as DcYoung, but it was a short lived recording career. He signed to Cash Records but shortly afterwards they decided to drop him. DcYoungfly trivia: DcYoungfly once had a cameo role in the movie “Catch Me If You Can” as an extra but he did not get to appear in the movie due to scheduling conflicts.

DcYoungfly trivia: DcYoungfly’s first major record deal came with a deal with Reebok, and they put out his first single “Who Dat?” which reached number thirty on the charts. After that song faded out of the chart, it went back to DcYoungfly who had a deal with Jay Z and was signed to him. DcYoungfly was so excited to be signed to Jay Z, that he decided to put out a song with him entitled “Hollywood Divorce” which was actually a reworked version of DcYoungfly’s hit song “Who Dat.”

DcYoungfly trivia: DcYoungfly was an American hip hop artist who performed alongside many well know rappers such as Eminem, Proof, Snoop Dogg, and Rakim. DcYoungfly made his name known in the mid-90s through several well-known recordings. One of DcYoungfly’s first singles “Pump It” was an American version of the single by The Chronic. DcYoungfly performed on several rap song titles such as “Take Me Away” by The Black Eyed Peas and “I’m a failure” by Scarface. He also appeared on the song “Xxplosive” by the courage and was listed as an artist on the song Rock City by Outkast.

DcYoungfly was born Darian Durden in Henderson, Texas. He is described as a Southern boy with long, brown hair and tan skin. DcYoungfly was featured on the song “Chiama Mama” from the soundtrack to The Outsiders. His more popular songs include “Pump It”, “Take Me Away” and his most famous song which was called “Whiskeytown” on the American rap album Get Money. DcYoungfly was featured on the video for “American Pie” by Outkast as himself.

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