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Dell Singapore Customer Service Number, Email, Office Address

People of Singapore may need to contact Dell Singapore Customer Service. The Authority is providing Dell Singapore Customer Service Number, Email Address and other information. Dell Inc. is a US-based multinational information technology company. Michael Dale, chairman and chief executive of the corporation of this technology. He founded Dell on November 4, 1984. Dell’s headquarters are in Round Rock, Texas, USA. Started a business with just 1000 1,000 and received a computer license in 1984. He joined his own organization at the age of 24 as chief executive.

Since the company is personal, it prepares personal computers (desktops and notebooks), data storage devices (equivalents), server computers, network switches, etc. So now it is one of the most popular computer brands in the world. This technology employs over 1,03,300 people. The company’s current revenue is 6149 billion and more. Therefore sales revenue is between 3.43 billion and net income is 2.63 billion. The organization has assets of Rs 38.59 billion. The company’s website for communication is

Dell Singapore Customer Care Number

Dell has improved the computer brand by earning 17 17 billion at the age of 46. Dell products are widely sold in the United States. So the company bought Alien Wire in 2006. Dell has factories in a few countries of the world except China and Malaysia. Now, here are the Dell Singapore Customer Service Number. You can call the Hotline number to get Product and Service-related query, Information, and Complaint.

Mon-Fri: 9.00a.m.-6.00p.m.


Small Business


Public Sector & Large Enterprise



Outside the United States, Dell is the first company in Singapore to focus on research and development in digital transformation technology. The investment yields 2019 50 million in just three years starting in 2019. So it can be said that outside of the United States and the company offers a lot of benefits. Amit Mida, president of Dell and global digital, says a team has been formed to enhance the experience.

Dell Singapore Live Chat Service

The Dell customer can Chat with the Customer Care Executive of Dell to get Product and Service-related information. Also, the customer can claim their complaint. The team works to enhance the user experience at the centre. This facility is a partner for Dell’s existing research and development work in Singapore. So it is the development of artificial intelligence. Which helps digital conversion. It is important for hardware to pay special attention to product design. Includes prototyping lab.

Live Chat

Above all, Dell launches a proficient program in Singapore that provides over 3,000 students with experience in cloud computing, data security, data science and analytical skills. More than a thousand undergraduates gain technology and content experience as part of the school curriculum in partnership with the university. So the main purpose is to work with digital conversion technology computing, data analytics, augmented reality etc.

The 1000 trainees enrolled in the United Trainees are given more than five weeks of training. Invested 23 million in the centre. Mridha told the newspaper that more than 160 people would be recruited. Which will lead to improvement for future generations.


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