Desh Travels Contact Number, Counter Location & Ticket Booking

Desh Travels Transport has spread its reputation very quickly through bus service. The transport company is Munea Industrial Sister Concern. Desh Travels Transport started its journey on November 18, 2012. At present, Desh Travels Transport is playing a big role in keeping the quality of passenger service intact. Some of the buses of Desh Travels Transport have AC. As well as non-AC, the Hino band also provides passenger services by bus. In the world of transport, Desh Travels is running with the glory of transport.

Desh Travels Transport has 45 Hino 1J Plus non-AC buses and 32 Hyundai AC buses like other buses. In addition to providing inter-district passenger services, he also provides regular international routes from Dhaka to Kolkata. Both AC and non-AC buses have comfortable seats for passenger travel. Drinks, blankets are provided on the AC bus. For entertainment, the transport has a video TV player inside which helps the passengers to get tired of travelling.

Desh Travels Counter Address and Phone Number

Desh Travels Paribahan is one of the popular transports in the Desh. The addresses and phone numbers of the counters of different departments for travel are given below.

Arambagh Counters, Dhaka
Phone: 02-7192345, 01762-684430, 01709-989436.

Fakirapul Counters, Dhaka
Phone: 01762-620932.

Mohakhali Counters, Dhaka
Phone: 01705- 430566.

Uttara Ajampur Counters, Dhaka
Phone: 01762-685091.

Uttara BMS Counters, Dhaka
Phone: 01762-684438.

Abdullah Pur Counters, Dhaka
Phone: 01762-684432.

Kalabagan Counters, Dhaka
Phone: 02-9124544.01762-684431, 01709-989435.

Kalyanpur Counters, Dhaka
Phone: 02-8091613, 01762-684440.

Sohrab Pump Counters, Dhaka

Phone: 02-8091612, 01762-684403.

Technical Counters, Dhaka
Phone: 01762-684404.

Gabtali Counters, Dhaka
Phone: 01762-684433.

Savar Counters, Dhaka
Phone: 01762-684434.

Chittagong Division counter address and phone number-
We need a bus to travel in our daily needs. Therefore, every citizen should have different ideas of bus service. For the convenience of travel, citizens can start information about buses of the Chittagong division from here.

A K Khan Moore Counters, Chattogram City
Phone: 01762-620934.

Damapara Counters, gorib ullah shah mazar, Chattogram City
Phone: 031-2857780, 01762-620935, 01709-989437.

Bhatiyari Counters, Chattogram
Phone: 01705-416964.

Sitakunda Counters, Chattogram
Phone: 01705-416965.

Mirsharay Counters, Chattogram
Phone: 01705-416966.

Barrier Hat Counters, Chattogram
Phone: 01705-416967.

Address and phone number of the counter in Cox’s Bazar division-
We are always present at every counter of Cox’s Bazar Division to cater to the convenience of commuters by discussing. So for their convenience, the exact information about Desh Travels Transport is given below.

Address and phone number of Bandarban division counter-
There is no one who does not need to travel. Therefore, all the information of the Bandarban Division counter related to Desh Travels Transport is given here.

Address and phone number of Jessore counter-
For travel in Desh Travels, you can book a ticket by contacting the counter in the Jessore division knowing the various facts.

Jessore New Market Counters, Jessore
Phone: 01733-351943.

Jessore Garikhana Counters, Jessore
Phone: 01733-351942.

Benapole Bazar Counters, Jessore
Phone: 01733-351941.

Benapole Border Counters, Jessore
Phone: 01733-351940.

Address and phone number of the counter in Chapainawabganj division-
You have to contact the counter to get various information about Desh Travels Transport in Chapainawabganj Division. So for the convenience of travel, you can collect tickets with the address at the counter as per the information below.

Address and phone number of Rajshahi division counter-
If the passengers need to travel, they are given the facility to book tickets by collecting the address and phone number of the counter of the Rajshahi division from here.

Address and Phone Number of Natore Division Counter-
If you need to travel to the Natore area, you can collect the phone numbers of the counters of Desh Travels Paribahan from here.

Desh Travels Transportation Routes and Fares:
Fares vary between AC and non-AC buses. The owner of the transport can change the fare subject to time. So passengers should collect tickets knowing the correct fare. Route names and fares are discussed below.


Kalatoli Moore Counters, Cox’s Bazar City
Phone: 01768-620936.

Jhawtala Counters, Cox’s Bazar City
Phone: 0341-63233, 01762-620937.

Chakaria, old S. Alam Counters, Cox’s Bazar
Harunur Rashid.
Phone: 01985-650479, 01689-840531.

Bandarban Bus stand Counters, Bandarban
Phone: 0361-62093, 01704-539043, 01709-989438.


Ticket booking and cancellation information

  • Tickets can be booked online or by phone.
  • Tickets are booked directly at the counter for serials.
  • Every passenger must be present at the counter 15 minutes in advance.
  • Passengers will be able to carry 10 kg of luggage in their need. If you want to carry more goods, a document charge of Tk 10 per kg is taken.
  • Tokenless goods should be kept at one’s own risk.
  • If the goods without token are lost, the authority will not accept its responsibility.
  • Honourable passengers must inform the counter 8 hours in advance if they want to cancel the journey.
  • You can change the ticket time or cancel the ticket the day before the ticket is issued.
  • There are ways to contact online for ticket cancellation.
  • Can change buses.


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