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Devi Permatasari Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Devi Permatasari was born to parents who were from a poor family in Indonesia. Her father was a fisherman, while her mother, a cook, raised Devi by day and cooked every meal by night for the entire family. Devi was five years old when her parents handed down their business to her, giving her the name Devi Permatasari. She attended the private boarding school known as “Bantul Bantu”, located in Solo, Indonesia. It is here that she gained international prominence.

Devi’s international break came when she became the face of Perma-Ada, a well-known Indonesian women’s magazine. She posed for pictures wearing only her saree, which earned her the nickname “Diva”. She became the first Hindu woman to appear on a magazine cover. As part of the magazine’s promotions, her picture was used on various other magazines including Folha, a Hindu magazine. The magazine’s bio section included a bio on Devi Permatasari, which described her height and other attributes. The biography on Devi Permatasari Net Worth had a detailed photo of her.

A short film about Devi Permatasari, titled “orsi baata”, was released in Indonesian cinemas in March of 1974. The film was made by an Indonesian production company named “Nyonyo Dogen”. The film depicted Devi’s early years in which she appeared in different Indonesia films. According to the Nyonyo description of Devi Permatasari as given in her bio on Devi Permatasari Net Worth, Devi began modeling after her graduation from college in 1974 at the age of eighteen.

Full Name Devi Permatasari
Occupation Actress
Age 47
Date of Birth June 11, 1974
Place of Birth Palembang, Indonesia
Star Sign Gemini
Country Indonesia
Gender Female

Devi started performing show business at a very young age. Her first job was at a sweets shop in her native Palembang, Indonesia. Later she appeared on the TV show “Perma Baba Yasi Manus” where she was referred to as Niki. In her later years in Indonesia, Devi Permatasari became known as a presenter on public speaking events. A picture of Devi Permatasari can be seen prominently displayed on the website of “Perma Baba Yasi Manus”. A photo of Devi in a guayabera-type outfit can also be found on that website.

A detailed biography on Devi Permatasari Net Worth includes her birth date, place of birth, married life, and death. According to the bio on Devi Permatasari Net Worth, her official middle name was Jeannie Ezeling. Her maiden name was Sonia Uddenra while her maiden life was spent in Germany and in Thailand. As a child, Devi was said to have been very shy and to have avoided public speaking. The photo on the website of “Perma Baba Yasi Manus” shows her in her early years, which may also include a short scene from her childhood.

Devi Permatasari Net Worth also provides some information about her body measurements and other information on nutrition and healthy eating habits. It lists her height at 158 centimeters and her weight at 62 kilograms. These body measurements are consistent with some of the earlier descriptions of Devi Permatasari. These descriptions of her height and weight are consistent with some of the body measurements of contemporary Thai actresses who are commonly referred to as Devil.


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