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Dewi Persik Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Dewi Persik is an Indonesian singer known by her stage name Dewi Muria Agung and also nicknamed Depe, after her personal monogram. She is one of the many famous performers from the Indonesian music group “Boys On Parade”, which is commonly known as Toto. Before joining the popular performing arts group, she became a singer, actress, and dancer. Her first album “Sukauna” was released in 1997, which ranked high on the charts in Indonesia and Singapore. This helped to establish her as a talent in the field of music and arts.

A member of the popular local girl band “Papua New Guinea Performing Arts”, Dewi Persik rose to fame after several years with the group. She gained a lot of attention due to her performances on television shows and talk shows. When she decided to sign with world music superstar Boyz II Men, her fans in Indonesia and worldwide were not disappointed. She gained a lot of praise from other performers for her good looks and good voice. In fact, many critics praised her for being able to display the beauty of Indonesia and her mix of western music with eastern culture.

Today, Dewi Persik is a multi-millionaire with her own music publishing company in Indonesia. She has released four books in her name. She has also released several DVDs, a documentary, several biographies, and the book “The Power Of One: Discovering How To Win Your Love And Keep It”. The day that she turned 35 years old, Dewi Persik celebrated by flying to Bali island and spending time at one of the best hotels there. During this time, she met her husband, whom she had been married to for 35 years.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Dewi Persik
Occupation Singer
Age 35
Date of Birth December 18, 1985
Place of Birth Indonesia
Star Sign Sagittarius
Country Indonesia
Gender Female

While most people in the West are very familiar with Dewi Persik, few know that she actually was born in Indonesia, and that she was already a famous celebrity when she got married to a man much older than she was. Her real name is Dewi S. Persik, but the name “Dwi” is actually derived from her first name and her original ethnic Pashto name. It is common for celebrities in Indonesia to adopt fake names that make them seem more exotic, and more Western. Persik chose to go by the name Dewi despite being told that her name was actually Dewi S., and that she should have chosen Pashto or Urdu. However, in her own interview with People Magazine, she said that her real name was Dewi Preyng, but that she thought it sounded more exotic.

Today, Persik is a happily married woman who lives in Los Angeles. She has two grown children and a dog. She has appeared in a number of films and was married to at least four Hollywood stars, as well as Indonesian actors Jovsten Akil and Ridya Harju. She has also been nominated several times for an Academy Award for her performances in film and television, including her role as the evil Queen in the remake of Beauty and the Beast.

Dewi Persik has brought entertainment to many Hollywood producers and directors over the years. Many foreign film producers are now looking to hire Persik to star in their movies, and she has agreed to do a movie or two more in the future. Persik will probably be known more for her acting than her music for quite some time, at least in the world of world music. While Persik is certainly not the first female artist to come from Indonesia, she is certainly one of a kind. Her unique blend of beauty and talent has made her one of the most popular Indonesian celebrities today.


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