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Eduardo Camavinga Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Eduardo Camavinga is a famous football player with the Argentinean first team Tenerife. He has already scored three goals in his two games for Tenerife this season. He is currently enjoying a good relationship with the coach of the squad. Here are Eduardo Camavinga facts and his biography that you should know about.

Eduardo Camavinga’s Childhood story plus his biography, many soccer fans are curious about his early years in a foster home, called the “Guerinero” in Spain. After his foster parents died, he was taken in by the Bernards. His stay there was short, and he experienced poverty and had a bad life in general. However, his greatest experience was when he was given a chance to play in the youth team of Royal Antigua. The team did not fare well, but he was given a second chance and went on to play for the Royal Antigua international team.

After retirement, he signed up for Argentinean club Racing Club Tete de la Plata. This was where he met Jose Maria (Josie) Cortez, who would become his wife. They stayed in Argentina for a few years and then moved to Chile. During this time, Eduardo worked in the sports journalism industry. He worked for the Spanish newspaper La Gaceta and then the British Daily Mail.

In 1986, he qualified as a coach with Argentinean side Direcciuzi. In his first game as coach, he took the team to its first World Cup Qualifying match. Unfortunately, the team lost to Mexico. The team went on to lose to Thailand in their second game and to Germany in their quarter finals. However, they qualified for the tournament in West Africa and eventually reached the semis.

Eduard Camaringa left Direcciuzi and signed for Argentinean side Lanzarote. He spent one season there, winning the Clausura title. He then decided that he wanted to move to a foreign country, so he signed for Argentinean side Pumas. Although the team did not perform at an incredibly high level, they did qualify for the World Cup later that year. Eduardo’s move to Pumas made them even more popular.

Eduardo Camavinga Biography

Real NameEduardo Camavinga
Birth Date10 November 2002
Age16 years
Birth PlaceMiconge, Angola
Debut14 December 2018
Sun signNot Known

Eduard Camaringa’s playing career spanned twenty years. In total, he played for eleven teams in total. Two of those teams were relegated, while four went to the Clausura. Pumas are currently playing in the playoffs, but the best team that he played for is likely still alive in the Copa America. So, it seems that Eduard’s dream of playing in the World Cup could be a reality one day for him. He would be very welcomed by South American football fans.

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