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Eid is fast approaching and it is a great time to get busy preparing Eid gatherings. What better way to celebrate Eid than by making Eid Mubarak Banners for everyone? If you are creative, Eid balloons, card holders and other Eid items make interesting banners for Eid. You can make a big impact by choosing to use simple but interesting designs to draw the attention of hundreds and thousands of people during Eid. This would certainly boost your Eid reputation. Here are some tips for designing Eid-worthy Eid-banner:

o Create a visually appealing and engaging Eid banner with the convenient Use of Adobe Photoshop. Select a large banner font from the pre-defined fonts list (usually Lalique Symmetry, PT Serif or Palatino Linotype) and set the size of the text on the banner to suit the available space. Use the Brush tool to create intricate shapes. Using the Effects dropdown menu, you can experiment with the following tools: Size, position, perspective, color, fill, gradient, slip mode, and raster effects. After applying all these effects, you may now alter the appearance of your Eid-related graphics by selecting the appropriate color from a color palette.

o Create eye-catching Eid graphics by using the Cairo From Photo – Effects palette. Select a random image from your computer’s desktop and place it as the background of your Eid-related banner. You may experiment with different colors and effects to add more impact to your graphic. This effect works well when used with images that are already retouched or enhanced in some way. If your banner is a little rough around the edges, you may experiment with contrast and shade to make the graphic more appealing.

o Choose a suitable image for a background image. A good Eid-ulum-banner usually depicts a Eid bird and its colorful screeching call to remind the day of judgement and destiny. If possible, use a picture that was taken recently by your camera, as it is easier to retain the picture’s qualities. It can also serve as an inspiration or guide for the graphic design, if the artist so chooses. However, if you cannot locate any recent images of Eid, you may use clip art or scanned images from magazines and newspapers.

o Create a unique graphic. One interesting idea for an Eid-ulum-banner is to create a collage of pictures taken from different angles during the event. Then, you may combine them to form a mosaic scene that includes all of your Eid-ulum elements. You could also use a combination of special effects like splashes of color, fireworks and blinking lights to add some additional visual interest. You can also have a friend draw Eid-ulum symbols or put them on a poster to make them more visible.

o Consider special effects. Eid-ulum banners and posters can have text or a combination of written texts and designs. If you really want to stand out, you may consider adding a number of effects, including fire and sparks, to the Eid scenes. These effects will make the images more evident and striking, at the same time.

Eid Mubarak Banner

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o Think multimedia. Eid-ulum banners and images can be accompanied by music, which is an affordable alternative to traditional photography. Music can make Eid very memorable, so consider including it in your Eid graphics design. Eid-ulum is the name of an Eid festival and associated ritual, so it only makes sense to incorporate some Eid-ulum-themed elements into your banner.

After you have created your graphic design, you can either hand it to professionals who specialize in Eid-ulum images or, if you are creative and artistic, you can actually do the graphics yourself. It would be best if you can draw all of your Eid-ulum elements from memory, so make sure you remember a few important details that will serve as the focal point of your Eid-ulum-banner. You may also choose to draw the Eid-ulum symbols yourself to give them a more personal touch. Whichever way you choose to do it, you will surely have a banner that is a true representation of Eid.

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