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Eileen Davidson Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth & Boyfriend

Eileen Davidson was born in Brooklyn, New York City and grew up in Englewood, Colorado. Eileen began studying acting at the Center for Theater, Television and Film at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. She continued on with her studies in New York City where she received a degree in drama writing. After graduation, Eileen Davidson went to work for the casting director of Broadway’s West End, then worked in local television, before landing a starring role on the popular television show E.T. She then went on to play recurring characters in other successful television shows including Californication, ER, spinoff of Seinfeld, Frasier, Married, Spinoff of Scrubs, Friends, Gossip Girl and finally became a star on the popular FX show True Blood.

Eileen Davidson’s bio has been given a lot of attention, as she is one of the few female actresses that have been consistently nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Comedy Series. Eileen Davidson was also named as People’s Personality Magazine’s “Famous Female Celebrity” for the third consecutive year. Aside from acting, Eileen Davidson has also been able to establish her own career as a fashion model. Her net worth was estimated at more than $700 million by some sources. Eileen Davidson salary is said to be a combination of film and television salary, as she has been paid primarily to appear on screen.

Eileen Davidson biography is interesting and we learn a lot from her bio about her early life and her educational background. She was actually born in Hawaii and grew up in San Diego. It was her parents who encouraged her passion for acting and her first brush with the big screen came when she appeared in the English soap opera Coraline. She then went on to appeared in the musical Love Actually alongside Helena Bonham Carter and then in the TV series kicks.

Eileen Davidson was an avid traveler as a child and was particularly fascinated by the United States. It was on an excursion to California that she met her husband Richard Glatzing who happened to be a tour operator in San Francisco. The couple fell in love and after their marriage they decided to settle in California. The couple owned several stores in the San Francisco area which earned them a considerable income and then they decided to get a reality show starring Eileen Davidson called The Good Wife.

NameEileen Davidson
Age (as of 2018)58 years
ProfessionSoap Opera Actress
Birth Date15-Jun-59
Birth PlaceArtesia, CA

The Good Wife was one of the most successful spinoff shows of all-time and has gone on to spawn a whole series of spinoffs and movies. Eileen Davidson’s life has spanned a number of different roles in the entertainment business, most notably being that of a heartthrob in the sitcom That 70s Show, a bodyguard in the Tomb Raider: Anniversary and a love interest for Michael Chiklis in the popular sitcom Frasier. Her best known role to date however is that of the iconic Good Wife character, Attorney Alana Shepherd. In the television show, Alana Shepherd is the wife of late showman Robert Shepherd and the mother of Donnie Wahlberg (Thatch Geary). She is also a devoted mother to her son Peter (David Cross).

In June of 1959 Eileen Davidson took part in the Miss World Beauty Pageant and later that year became the first American woman to compete in the Miss World Celebrity Competition. Prior, to the competition she had gained much popularity through her role as “Duck” in Disney’s animated film Ducklings. During the competition, Eileen Davidson displayed an off-putting charm that impressed the judges and the audience alike. This helped her to become the first American woman to win the Miss World Celebrity Competition. Not only did Eileen Davidson win the pageant for the first time but also became the first American woman to hold the title of “Miss World Celebrity.”

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