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Eleanor Lee was one of the very first Asian American actors to grace the big screen. She is considered to be one of the most important and influential women in Hollywood. From her role as the pioneering Chinese American nurse in Rosemary’s Baby to her illustrious career as a singer, actress, Eleanor Lee is considered a legend in her own right. The following Eleanor Lee biography is a quick overview of her life and career.

We’re celebrating twenty years of bringing you the latest Eleanor Lee updates, news and trivia. Today, Eleanor Lee is an active member of the online community focused on Asian Americans in Hollywood. Her own web site features articles about her book, her current projects and some interesting photos of the many members of her staff. View a photo gallery of some of her cast members below:

Positioned second only to Oprah in terms of fame and influence, Eleanor Lee is still a very recognizable face in the entertainment industry. Born in San Francisco, California, Lee grew up playing the role of the young Chinese girl in animated films such as Welcome Back Mummy. Later, she went on to play the role of Dr. Huang in Lion King, an adventurous animated series that ran for three seasons. She also appeared in the Kung Fu movie Turbo Kid, which earned her two Golden Globe nominations, as well as an Oscar nomination for her work in the film. In recent years, Lee has focused her efforts on acting, particularly notable roles in the films Invictus, Crazy Heart and The Secret Life of Bees. Additionally, she guest-hosted numerous television programs, including the Oprah Winfrey show.

Full Name Eleanor Lee
Occupation Actress
Age 21
Date of Birth October 12, 1999
Place of Birth Taiwan
Star Sign Libra
Country Taiwan
Gender Female

Eleanor Lee has certainly had quite a long and impressive career, but does she really deserve the crown of the queen of celebrities? The answer is definitely NO! While Lee is certainly talented, there are many actresses who have achieved a similar amount of stardom who possess much more experience and skills, including Lee’s husband, Terrie Williams, who is well over two decades older than her. Furthermore, aside from her marriage to Terrie Williams, Eleanor Lee has never actually achieved any noteworthy acting awards or credits. These facts alone should tell us that Lee simply does not deserve the honor of being crowned the “king of celebrities.”

This brings us to the question of whether she deserves the honor of being called the “empress of African Americans” or even the” tallest black woman.” The crown goes to stars with larger than life net worth and massive appeal. For example, Oprah Winfrey, Kat Von D and Queen Latifah all have extremely huge reputations and tremendous appeal. None of these stars has achieved the heights of stardom as Eleanor Lee has in her short career. Additionally, none of them can guarantee a walk down the red carpet with a star such as Oprah, although they could all maybe play lead roles in some of the most popular movies of the coming decade. Therefore, despite having smaller net worth than the aforementioned actresses, Winfrey and Latifah are still kings of their niches, making it unfair to place Lee in such a lofty position.

However, despite being such a relative newcomer to the entertainment world, Lee has actually had an exceptionally successful career. She has been nominated for Grammys and has also established herself as one of the best and most interesting African American actresses of modern times. Her numerous awards and accolades have also made her the talk of the town, wherever she goes. In essence, she has lived a fascinating and interesting life full of achievements, successes and varied talents. As an Asian female, she has shown the ability to both sing and act – traits which are definitely unique and are certainly not limited to her race – and with a little more time, she might end up being the new Oprah.

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