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Elizabeth Debicki Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Facts & Life Story

Elizabeth Debicki was born in Australia and is a name that has been associated with some of the greatest Australian movies of all time. She went on to star in some high end television shows including Elizabeth Hurst’s Victoria, David Strathairn’s Kung Mangue and went on to star in a number of period films including Elizabeth Taylor’s Elizabeth Bathory and Richard Burton’s Edward Elwick. Elizabeth Debicki trivia will show that she achieved success in both acting and screenwriting. Her resume reads like the script of a best-seller and her movie credits include the likes of Elizabeth Taylor’s Graces and Edward Elwick’s Edward Scissorhands.


FULL NAME:Elizabeth Debicki



AGE:30 years old (in 2021)

DATE OF BIRTH:24 August 1990

BIRTHPLACE:Paris, France

HEIGHT:6 feet 2 inches (1.90 m)

WEIGHT:65 kg (143 lbs)

BODY MEASUREMENTS:37-27-36 inches


WAIST:27 inches

HIPS:36 inches




Elizabeth Debicki’s most well-known film is the movie that she appears in with Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Bathory and Michael Gambon as the Great Gazelles. Elizabeth Debicki’s other film credits include Invictus, Cleopatra and Anna Pritchard’s Meet the Parents. Elizabeth Debicki trivia will show that her life has spanned parts of three continents and that she managed to keep a strong sense of personal identity despite her varied talents. Elizabeth Debicki made an impression in Hollywood as a leading lady from her first major breakout role in the late nineteen sixties when she was cast in the play Something Like Loves.

Elizabeth Debicki’s filmography is littered with film roles that belong to varying genres such as romance, comedy and musicals but most notably her two best-known roles, which are those of Elizabeth in the film version of The Family Man and Helena in the film Cleopatra. As part of the ensemble cast of The Family Man Elizabeth Debicki’s character finds herself caught between the antagonistic characters of her brother and sister in their pursuit for power and control in their hometown of New Hampshire. Elizabeth’s role as the sensible and protective sister sided by her friend Alice in this film is widely considered to be one of the best supporting performances in any movie of its time. While Helena, played by Helena Bonham Carter, is a formidable character in the novel The Family Man, Elizabeth Debicki’s portrayal of the slightly crazed and slightly flirtatious sister played by Barbara Hershey is generally recognized as one of the more memorable and interesting aspects of the movie. The biographical information supplied about Helena is interesting enough and is well-written making the reader feel for her and identify with her as much as Elizabeth herself.

Elizabeth Debicki’s breakthrough role came in the acclaimed feature The Best Men. This movie managed to garner critical acclaim and was one of the year’s most talked about movies. The film depicts the life of three best friends from the Bermuda Islands as they pursue love, friendship and career in post-World War II America. As a performer Elizabeth Debicki has been able to establish her place in the world of film, winning a number of awards for her performances including the Golden Globe Awards for her work in The Best Men and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. She followed up her performance in the equally successful Seabiscuit and Black Mass.

Elizabeth Debicki’s acting prowess was most apparent in the latter, where she plays the legendary figure known as Gatsby in the movie adaptation of the great Gatsby book. Elizabeth Debicki’s Gatsby epitomizes the image of a beautiful and successful woman while balancing her boisterous sense of humor with an enduring sense of decency and honor. Elizabeth Debicki’s other roles include the critically acclaimed Nurse Jackie, alongside Tom Hanks; the controversial Butterfly in the later years of the Vietnam War, which led to the release of the classic movie; and the lead role in the independent drama Meet the Parents. Elizabeth Debicki’s career has also seen some of her best-known works being turned into stage plays, television shows, and movies.

Elizabeth Debicki has indeed established a strong career as an Australian movie actress and as a performer on the silver screen. Elizabeth Debicki’s box office success is largely due to the fact that she has managed to develop a wide range of supporting roles that have enabled her to build a strong net worth as an actor and actresses. This is one of the best kept secrets of the Elizabeth Debicki fans that she has built up a strong net worth as an actress, and also as a person. It is also her impressive resume that makes her one of the top choices for supporting role in movies and as an actress.

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