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Emily Carey is an American actress and singer. Emily has appeared in a number of films and television shows. She is best known for playing the character of Delilah in the animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Emily has also appeared in the television series Vinyl Scratch, M.A.S.H., Frasier, Family Guy and numerous other television shows. Emily is from Los Angeles, California.

Emily Carey was born in October, 1996. Emily was just three months old when her parents divorced. Emily was supposed to move into foster care but her biological father did not allow her to and she wound up staying with her grandparents, getting herself adopted by her half-brother, Noah “Pete” Younger.

Emily was revealed as one of the stars of the upcoming movie, White Horse Pike. Emily will play Kaylee Coleman, who will be cast as the daughter of President Whitaker’s Chief of Staff, Thomas Coleman (John Karras). There are speculations that the role was meant for Emily Carey but the role got replaced when Karras got sick. Emily was also born 30th April in Los Angeles, California. It is quite possible that Emily Carey could be born on the same day as her famous friend, Kate Winslet.

Emily Carey has played a number of supporting characters in her television appearances. She has portrayed a German doctor in Frasier, a nurse in King of the Hill, and a clerk in The X-Files. These are some of the most prominent roles that Emily Carey has ever taken. In addition to her multi-character roles, Emily has also been awarded with a British OBE for her work as an actress. This is the second best British actress after Dame Judi Dench. If Emily had not been called in Frasier, The X-files or White House, she would have easily won an Oscar for her role as Mrs. Lawrence.

Emily Carey will be making her film debut in the upcoming sci-fi movie The Day the Earth Stood Still, which will star Matt Damon. In the role of Edith Nesmith, Emily will be joining an ensemble that includes Damon as King George, Anne Hathaway as Miss Pinkney, Guy Pierce as Allen Ginsberg, and Jason Lee as George Kennedy. Emily has appeared in a number of British TV dramas such as Mollifax Pugh, alongside Eddie Murphy, and Emmerdale, for which she was nominated for an EMC. For her role in The Day the Earth Stood Still, Emily will be following in the footsteps of fellow British actresses Elle Macpherson and Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Stage Name Emily Carey
Real Name Emily Carey
Profession(s) Actress,
Birthday ,
Age * years (As in 2023)
Gender Female
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Food Habit Non-Vegetarian

Emily has been active on the social media sites Twitter and Instagram lately, but it appears that she has not been able to shed some of the pounds that may have accumulated since her appearances on stage and in movies. Emily has also recently released pictures from her recent trip to Thailand, where she appears to be posing with a character from Instagram. Although Emily has not confirmed whether she will be reprising her role as Tomb Raider Anastasia Hutchinson in the future, the speculation does not come as much of a surprise considering how well Emily Carey has done for herself on the big screen. With her role as the main instigator of the ‘Vault’ storyline in the new instigated Batman movie, Emily has proven herself to be an exciting actress to watch.

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