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Emily VanCamp is an American actress best known for her appearances on The WB TV series Everwood, The ABC drama Brothers & Sisters, and as Sharon Carter/Agent 13 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2021) and Captain America: Civil War(2021). Emily VanCamp has also been in several independent films. Her first independent film was the 2021 film Meet the Parents. Emily VanCamp has also been a guest star on the TV show Angel Heart, spinoff of Frasier, and guest-hosted for Billions on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Emily VanCamp has also been in the films Supernatural and Smallville, and guest-hosted on The Late Night Show.

Emily VanCamp was born in Burbank, California and is the daughter of English parents. Her father, Frank Van Campbell, was an artist, and Emily’s mother, Beth, was a career counselor. Emily spent her early years living in California, and in addition to playing musical instruments, she was also interested in acting. She appeared in a few musicals while growing up, including appearing in Rent.

Emily VanCamp’s first professional television role was on the ABC drama series Royal Court, playing the character of Assistant District Attorney Sharon Carter. In this role, Emily played a critical and supporting role in the show, which lasted for three seasons. After that, Emily VanCamp went on to play the same role in the hit movie, Royal Belts, opposite Michael Chiklis. After Royal Belts, Emily VanCamp moved on to playing recurring roles in the television drama Outsourced and the movie Everybody Loves Raymond.

  • Age
  • Emily is currently 34 according to her birthdate May 12, 1986
  • Sun Sign


Born Place

Port Perry, Ontario, Canada


Thruline Entertainment, Inc.




5 ft 8 in or 173 cm


56 kg or 123.5 pounds

Emily VanCamp has since developed a very large list of films, most notably her recent role as the wife of a character in the movie everyone loves, Winter Soldier. In Winter Soldier, Emily VanCamp plays Julia Ormond, a wife of Tony Stark. For a character that starts out as a minor character, Emily VanCamp does a fantastic job of playing the part. In the film, Julia is the only one who knew about Tony’s dangerous past, but she still adores him and tries to be supportive. After Tony is promoted to the director of a new film, she starts to move in with him. However, after learning that Tony is secretly keeping a biological daughter from an arranged marriage, she breaks off their relationship.

Emily VanCamp also recently played a supporting role in Netflix’s independent drama, closure. This movie, which you have likely seen by now, is based on the true story of a young girl who was held captive by kidnappers for 10 years. Emily VanCamp’s character slowly uncovers the identity of the captors, and through the help of a series of unlikely people, she is able to save her own life. Though it is not truly a horror film, there are moments when Emily VanCamp delivers a convincing performance that will leave you rooting for the characters. Her strong acting ability and passion for her own story helped make this movie one of the best of the year.

Emily VanCamp continues to prove that she is one of the best actresses out right today. Her strong acting abilities, whether it be in movies or on television shows, has earned her many awards and accolades including multi-platform wins at the Satellite Awards and the Satellite Guys Choice Awards. Emily VanCamp should continue to receive recognition for her work in both television and movies. Her strong love of humanity and her ability to show characters trying to find themselves will no doubt lead her to a very long career as a multi-platform award winner and movie star.

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