Emirates Islamic Bank Helpline Number, Email Address, Swift Code

Emirates Islamic Financial Bank is one of the many banks in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where you can carry on your financial transactions. It is located at Sharjah Al Maktoum Street, beside the Dubai Creek. You may know it by the name Emirates Islamic Bank.

The bank was launched in 2023 in order to provide banking services according to Shari’a laws. It offers several products particularly designed for businesses and individuals and large corporations as well. There are several branches spread all across Dubai and Sharjah in United Arab Emirates, from its head office located in Abu Dhabi. All these branches are operated by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

The chief aim of this Islamic bank is to extend its services to customers, who live and operate in the united emirates. This is a perfect way for non-Muslim residents to establish a bank account in the state, especially if they do not hold a UAE national identity card or passport. This makes it a very easy process and does not require too much time and effort. There are no requirements that the applicant must have a degree in accounting or finance. As long as they have a job and have a dormant account they can apply for an account in the bank.

There is a list of qualifications required to apply for an Emirates Islamic Bank account. Besides age, Dubai is also requiring applicants to be residents of the state and have at least a high school diploma. Moreover, applicants need to hold a valid passport and resident visa in UAE. Holding property deeds in UAE is also necessary as is proof of marital status in UAE.

The next step after being approved to open an Emirates Islamic Bank is to pick a branch from which you will receive your funds. You can either select a UAE national or one from the international region, which is another branch of the bank. It is highly recommended to use the online option, which gives you the flexibility of picking another bank in case of need. Another advantage of using this option is that you can easily check on the number of employees present in the bank as well as their qualifications and experience.

You can also apply for an Emirates Islamic Bank account through a UAE local agent. The benefits of doing so include ease of travel and booking of tickets. However, some local agents may charge you a fee when handling your transactions. It is advisable however, to check on the reputation of the UAE local agent before making any decision.

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