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Endhita Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Endhita Wibisono is an Indonesian actress and model. She earned a Citra Award nomination for her performance in the feature film “Singapore: Inside Man.” She later went on to appear in the TV series “Love Actually” and the Chinese film “Zhou Qiu xian.” She has also appeared in the British television series “The Firm,” and in the Mexican film “Unabel de la Misericordia.”

As an actress, Endhita has been rewarded with multiple honors and awards including the Satellite Awards’ Best Actress award for her performance in the film “Singapore: In One Study.” However, it was not until this year that she received an Academy Award nomination for her work in the film “Mu Lan” in the foreign language segment. Her star status in the entertainment industry has also made her an indivisible force in the anti-apartheid and peace movements that have swept across the globe in support of the African Nationalist Party. Her participation in the struggle has made Endhita a celebrity in the eyes of the global public.

Endhita has maintained a low profile since the late 1980s. While she continues to make politically correct public appearances to promote her movies and book efforts, the star remains largely unknown outside of Indonesia. Fortunately, there are websites today that allow those in the know to keep up on every human trait, including Endhita’s whereabouts. Here are some details about Endhita’s whereabouts as seen in the free Endhita dating website database:

Endhita resides in Singapore and has been trying to pry herself out of the public eye by keeping a low profile and avoiding press tours and interviews. Endhita is listed as Single with no children in the public databases available via the Internet dating site. The name Endhita is used in the database for privacy reasons. The information available includes the country of origin (Singapore), age, height, weight, hair color, eye color, hair type, skin type, family details, profession, education, and the religion of Endhita.

Net Worth $1.6 Million
Profession Actress
Nicknames Endhita

Endhita’s current occupation is not listed in the public database. However, the Net is filled with stories of Endhita going out of her way to help people who need a shoulder to lean on. Endhita’s generous donations of medical equipment to the underprivileged areas of Java and Borneo are well documented in the free online profiles of her. Endhita’s average monthly income is listed in the profile along with her current financial state of affairs.

Endhita’s current profession is not specified in the free Endhita biography profile. However, it can be assumed that she is currently working as a medical assistant in a Jakarta clinic. Endhita’s profile does not indicate her mode of dress nor does it mention whether she wears any special clothes when going out with her husband or her friends.


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