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Erica Durance Height, Age, Boyfriend, Biography, Wiki, Net Worth

Erica Durance is best known for her starring role as Ginger Corbet in the television drama, Haven. Also an actress Erica Durance is said to be quite good at playing the role of ginger, as both an actress and a character in a role where she should not be defined by one aspect. Erica Durance is also known to be quite good at playing the role of the mothering figure, which is often presented in the role of the mother in television dramas. Erica Durance has also been featured in quite a few movies and did star turn in the award winning movie called Bridesmaids. Erica Durance has done quite well in the television world and has established a good filmography that even saw her featured in another award winning movie called Pleasantville.

Erica Durance Quick Info
Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight 58 kg
Date of Birth June 21, 1978
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Spouse David Palffy

Erica Durance is currently married to Sean Connery, who is an Australian actor. Erica Durance Wiki at Wikipedia states that she was born in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Erica Durance is also said to have Canadian parents. Erica Durance Wiki at Wikipedia mentions that her parents were Paul Durance and Karen Durance. Erica Durance is also said to have three sisters and was a cousin of Barbara Durance.

Erica Durance is currently best known for her role as the supergirl called Supergirl in the comic books of DC comics. Erica Durance Wiki at Wikipedia mentions that she was introduced in the Batman comics during the early seventies and is currently one of the more popular and well-known comic book superheros. In the comic book, Supergirl was an orphan who was given the power of flight by a blond teenage girl named Kara Kent (claiming to be Superman’s cousin). Erica Durance had a crush on the girl, so when her father discovered that her friend was in fact Superman, they had Erica Durance changes her name to Supergirl so that she could live a normal life.

Erica Durance has also been in some high profile dramas like No Ordinary Family where she portrayed first lady Michelle Obama. She also had small parts in movies such as Gran Torino and End of Watch. Recently Erica Durance has been doing a bit of television acting, where she has been appearing in a series called Face it. This television drama series is a spin off of the hit movie The Matrix, which was released in the year 2023.

Erica Durance has appeared in quite a number of films and television shows in her native Canada. Some of her films that have been very successful include Finding Nemo, The Perfect Team, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure as well as landing herself roles in TV shows such as Shield. Erica Durance also had a role in the musical Finding Nemo as well as the animated film Edward Scissorhands. In terms of television Erica Durance only has one episode of her Canadian sitcom titled Love Actually. Her other career is in acting, where she has appeared in a number of different plays and shows.

Erica Durance is currently married to British actor Albert Brooks, who plays her husband in the films as well as the TV show. The two actors were married in 1997 and their marriage came about after they realized that they had a lot in common. Erica Durance has also been linked to previous Loisin actor Christopher Walken through her relationship with fellow actor Michael Caine. Erica Durance has been an acting success in her home country of Canada though she is best known in the United States as the sexy young wife of a famous football player in the Canadian Football League, and later as the sexy nurse in the hit television series ER.


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