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Erika Christensen is an American actress and writer who have achieved recognition for her roles in films such as Mommy and the Big Girl, Swing Vote, and Baby Did a Bad Thing. Erika Christensen was born and raised in Southern California. She has also spent some time in London, Canada, and Australia. Erika Christensen facts & trivia show that Erika Christensen grew up in a family that encouraged her to pursue her acting career despite her lack of theater experience.

Erika Christensen facts & trivia show that Erika Christensen was named after a friend of hers Erika Christensen who was also born in Southern California. Erika was one of six siblings who were born to Ida Christensen, a well-known singer and actress whose father had a large musical repertoire. As a child, Erika enjoyed watching her mother perform various songs. Her favorite was Holiday by The Supremes. Her first performance came in movies where she starred as a chorus girl in Rosemary Clooney’s The Perfect Pair.

Erika Christensen biography is filled with interesting facts about her life. As an actress, Erika Christensen has appeared in a number of Hollywood blockbuster films. Her most recent films that have been released include Swing Vote, Blue River, and Bad Romance. As a member of the cast of the hit television show Family Ties, Erika Christensen was able to grow a large fan base due to her great chemistry with her co-stars.

Erika Christensen was a member of the famous clique that resides on the Los Angeles social circuit. This is where her notable family and close friends often hang out. Erika and her friends are frequently spotted dining at restaurants in the posh Hollywood Hills area. The Internet will surprise you with the amount of Erika Christensen information that can be found online. While surfing through her Wikipedia biography, a disturbing fact about Erika Christensen was that she once lived in Texas, but she always made it clear that she loathed her home state.

When Erika Christensen was growing up, she would often date men who were just above her age. Men who were younger than her father in age. It wasn’t uncommon for Erika to try and get her father to take custody of her in order to further her career. In Erika Christensen net worth biography, it was noted that her father would always decline this request. The lack of success of Erika’s father in business led her to spend her early years working at various menial jobs in order to help support herself and her aging family.

Popular As Erika Jane Christensen
Occupation Actress,singer
Age 38 years old
Zodiac Sign Leo
Born 19 August 1982
Birthday 19 August
Birthplace Seattle, Washington, United States
Nationality United States

Through the course of Erika Christensen’s life, she built a large collection of martial arts videos and other memorabilia. While doing this, Erika also started her acting career. While it wasn’t a career that would earn her the kind of cash that she had hoped for, Erika Christensen did, however, manage to obtain a nice salary as an actress. Her first reported salary was only around $25,000; but her income source did gradually improve over the years, and eventually, she managed to land roles in movies that earned her an additional ten million dollars.

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