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Ernesto Mathies Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts

Ernesto Mathies (Ernesto Mathies) is a renowned Mexican designer who has designed clothing for high end corporations. Ernesto Mathies started his career as a designer with Pacific Fabrics, where he contributed his work to many line extension projects. Ernesto Mathies left Pacific Fabrics in 1995 to focus on his own designs. Ernesto Mathies also worked as an account manager for Levi’s. Later, he became creative director at IDEA, a clothing line owned by Levi’s.

Ernesto Mathies got his start in interior design by studying under the legendary Francisco Garcia. Ernesto Mathies biography will show that he studied under several famous designers such as Carlos Alzado, Alejandra Gavarini and Jose Maria Uribe. His educational background gave him a wealth of experience and provided him with the confidence and expertise to develop his own designs. In his early years, Ernesto Mathies cofounded the interior design firm Costera 27 in Mexico City. Costera was a very successful firm and provided Mathies with the training he required to develop his own style.

One of the most interesting facts about Ernesto Mathies is that he is not only proud of his height, he talks about it freely and often. He even has a website that contains information on his height and body measurements. According to his website, the average human body length is 5.1 meters. His official website does not mention his height but did say that he is “expertly tall” and has a “deep and steady voice”. Other than his height and body measurements, Ernesto Mathies also talks about his passion for fashion and design, giving many facts on how he got started in this field.

Ernesto Mathies became famous very early on, even before his official debut. He made his first public appearance in a Mexican television show during the early hours of February 11, 1986. The show’s host praised the new young designer for being so unique. Several other well-known people also had something good to say about him during that time. Among them were celebrities such as Carlos Santana, Carlos Mencia himself. Ernesto Mathies became one of Mexico’s most popular and well-known interior designers and was inducted into the Order of the Aztec Sun.

Popular As Ernesto Mathies
Occupation People
Age 46 years old
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Born February 19, 1973 (El Salvador)
Birthday February 19
Town/City El Salvador

Today, Ernesto Mathies is a famous and well-known interior designer who has a net worth of over one million dollars. Today, he travels frequently all over the world to speak about his work and to receive awards. Aside from his enormous net worth, Ernesto Mathies also has a big following of fans all over the globe. His most popular product is called Renta, which can be bought online. You can read more about Renta at Wikipedia.

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