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Estella Warren Biography, Facts & Life Story

Estella Warren is known for many of her works including the Estella Warren series of books. Estella Warren is also known for being married to the late William Estella Warren. She is currently the president of Estella Warren Directories.

Estella Warren got her start in publishing when she was twenty years old, with her first book entitled A CHANGED MAN. Estella Warren became known to the public after her second novel entitled WELCOME TO YOU. This book described the personal life of Estella Warren and her various travels throughout England and other countries. Estella Warren has since published a number of other novels all about different aspects of life. Her most famous novel WELCOME TO YOU was made into a motion picture starring Robin Williams and Estella Warren herself. Other notable movies that Estella Warren has been in include: PREDICTION, PRINCE OF PAST AND THIS JUST ARE.

Estella Warren Career

Profession: Actress, Model, Swimmer

Known For: Not Known

Debut TV Series/Movie: Perfume (2001)

Salary: Under Review

Net Worth: USD $500 thousand approx

Family & Relatives

Father: Don Warren

Mother: Esther Warren

Brother(s): Not Known

Sister(s): Not Known

Marital Status: Unmarried

Husband/Boyfriend: Unmarried

Children: None

Estella Warren’s life has spanned some interesting times in her novels, and in fact, her entire life has been a story about changing circumstances and changing times. For instance, when she was six years old, Estella Warren and her family were victims of physical abuse at the hands of their stepfather. Estella was able to overcome the abuse and developed a strong sense of self esteem. As a result of this, Estella developed the interest and passion for reading that would carry through her adulthood, as well as inspire her to begin a career in writing, which would eventually earn Estella Warren a substantial amount of money in the process.

Estella Warren has written several books of fiction featuring young adult women and grown women who are attempting to find happiness and prosperity in their lives, and as such, Estella Warren’s net worth is primarily tied to the profits that she receives from the various products that she sells through her own online business. Estella Warren earned one million dollars in one month alone, earning more during the month of July and August, when she sold one million copies of her first published novel PREDICTION. PREDICTION was also released through Newmarket, a digital book store that allows consumers to purchase and read electronic books and e-books.

Estella Warren is currently married to Peterborough native Bill Proctor, although they have been previously divorced. Estella Warren is also active on the social media sites Twitter and Facebook, as well as being a prolific blogger and podcaster on her popular blog site, All Work and No Play. Estella Warren’s most well known website is her Instagram page, where she posts pictures of herself and numerous other celebrities.

In a recent interview on the BBC’s Today, Estella Warren spoke about her love of twittering, and how it has influenced her personal and professional life. She indicated that she uses her Instagram page to keep in touch with her many fans and also uses it to promote various products that she promotes on her websites. Estella Warren also indicated that she does have a personal blog on the internet and that she uses it to communicate with her various fans. Estella Warren also indicated that she has a Facebook account, although she does not use it to keep in touch with her fans. Estella Warren also indicated that she does have a web camera, although she does not use it to keep in touch with her fans.

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