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Fann Wong is a Singaporean actor who has come to be famous for his role as the sinister villain Gough Samui in the hit movie Memento. Fann also served a term in the Bar Council of Singapore as an actor. His other notable roles include playing a Chinese man in the TV sitcom Drinking With Dogs, an IRA terrorist in the Counter-Strike mod game, and a member of the Noodle Club in the movie The Noodle Campaign. Now Fann Wong is branching out into the world of entertainment by releasing his own Memento film.

Fann Wong is a Chinese movie actor who was born in Kampong Glam, Singapore in the early 1960s. He is well known for his roles in television shows such as Kung Fu, Hong Kong, Inspector Tong Pou, Tinah and Dog the Bounty Hunter. At the age of 48, Fann Wong is estimated to have earned at least six figures in net worth. What does Fann Wong stand for in the world of entertainment today?

Fann Wong first became a popular name in the world of movie actresses when she appeared in the Kung Fu film Oldboy. Fann then went on to star in various other films such as The Replacements, Team America, and House of Fannies, which earned her an additional five films to her credit. Today Fann Wong is most well known for his role as the villain Gough Samui in the Memento film reboot of the original Oldboy. His net worth continues to increase as he plays different characters in different movies.

Fann is not only known for his role as Fann Wong in the famous movie A Few Good Men, but he has also made cameos in some movies and has even been seen on television. One of Fann’s notable TV appearances was a guest appearance on the television show CSI, which he did as an Asian American. Fann later went on to play the villainous role of Dr. Darkkan in the second sequel of the hit film, wherein he was again played by Jackie Chan. Fann has also been seen in other films such as Welcome Back Kotter, Tinah and the comedy-thriller The Damsel in the Docks. All of these endeavors have earned him a number of awards including Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 2023 Satellite Awards and the Best Supporting Actor at the same event.

Popular As Fann Woon Fong (范文芳)
Occupation Actress, singer, model
Age 49 years old
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Born 27 January 1971
Birthday 27 January
Birthplace Singapore
Nationality Singaporean

While we are on the topic of an Asian actor who is no stranger to martial arts, it is interesting to note that Fann Wong is the same age as Bruce Lee, who was born in July of 1950. Fann is currently practicing with the Karate Association in Singapore and he is also involved with martial arts clinics in Los Angeles and Bangkok. As an actor, he has also had a chance to work with some of the world’s top martial artists, which could explain his impressive background in both acting and martial arts.

Fann Wong is truly one of our very own Singapore celebrities. Born and raised in our country, Fann has not failed to make himself a part of our lives. He is definitely someone who will go down the line in time, being remembered by us as an actor who brought grace to our screens as well as a true Singaporean. Congratulations Fann on your success at becoming the 1.5 million dollar movie actor of Singapore!


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