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Felicia Chin Net Worth 2023, Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Family

Felicia Chin is one of the famous Chinese actresses. Born in 1978, Felicia Chin was trained as a classical dancer. Later she became an actress and singer. She has achieved success in her film career and has portrayed different characters in more than a few films. Today, Felicia Chin is estimated Net Worth & Salary according to various sources and we can see that Felicia Chin is still in high demand by the film industry.

Short Profile
First Name Felicia
Last Name Chin
Profession Movie Actress
Age 34 years old
Birth Sign Scorpio
Birth Date October 24, 1984
Birth Place Singapore
Country Singapore

Felicia Chin is a talented Chinese actress who has acted in more than a few films. Her most famous role is that of the evil Number Three in the Kung Mangarap Ka’s Hazeen 3 female lead role. There are other supporting roles in this movie, which have given Felicia Chin some good reviews in the film industry. In her role as the evil Number Three, Felicia Chin displayed outstanding ability as an actress and singer.

Felicia Chin studied singing at Raffles School of Arts & Design in Singapore before getting her start in theatre. She then moved on to appearing in different television dramas like the Yoo Joon Hee. Later on, Felicia Chin went to the prestigious Beijing University where she pursued a degree in English. Here she gained a master’s degree in mass communication and psychology. After this she joined the casting department of SAG under Bruce Lee, after which she worked on such movies as Remember Me, Hard Target, Blue, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Memento, Apartment 3, Scarface, etc.

Felicia Chin is a versatile celebrity actress. She has portrayed different characters during her acting career. She has played the bad girl in the hit movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, the sexy yang in the movie “Singapore” and the toughang in the popular movie “Ip Man”. Most recently, Felicia Chin was casted in the movie “The Perfect Score” alongside fellow Singaporean actresses Ong Tiong and Kong Kah-hsien. Felicia Chin has also been associated with international projects such as the makers of the “Singapore: Through the Looking Glass” film. Aside from this, Felicia Chin has also lent her voice to various other projects including advertisements and cartoons.

The Felicia Chin net worth is based on the Felicia Chin net profits statement. It states that Felicia Chin has earned millions of dollars from various projects and has a net worth of over US$ 8 million. Much information about Felicia Chin is available on the Internet. There are websites that showcase her awards and other accomplishments. Some websites allow members to make comments regarding Felicia Chin’s works.

Felicia Chin is a popular and versatile actor who has gained popularity over the years. She has also become a member of the national softball team, which is an example of how a person can achieve success despite being Chinese. Chin has even gone into writing, a very common genre for writers today. She is presently working on a novel entitled “Singapore: Through the Looking Glass” about a young love interest for a Chinese girl.

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