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Fildha Elishandi Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Fildha Elishandi, or the Faith of the Wise, is one of four Sufism mantras. The other three are Melek (“Mountain”), Sheikh Nasim (“Star”) and Shahsavir (“Swinging Sunset”). The word Faith comes from the root words agun (“to draw near”) and ad (“to be fixed”). Therefore, Fildha Elishandi means “The Faith of the Wise.” The word Faith itself is used three times in the sacred Sufi dictionaries, Melek, Sheikhnasim, and Shahsavir.

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Fildha Elishandi is actually a name which was given to her by her mother when she was still very young. She went on to become known as Sukarno when she was a toddler. Fildha Elishandi grew up studying acting in Indonesia and in Los Angeles, California, but in her heart she always felt that she should have made a home in Indonesia, where her mother still lives today.

Fildha Elishandi was named one of the twenty most beautiful celebrities in the world by People Magazine in March 2023. She had earned over ninety thousand dollars by the time she was 24 years old. She has been nominated for four Academy Awards and has played key roles in some of Hollywood’s best films including The Pursuit of Happyness, Vanilla Sky and Rain Main. She has been quoted as saying that her personal height is 3.7 inches and her personal hand size is eight inches, which is not far from her current size.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Fildha Elishandi
Occupation actress
Age 30
Date of Birth March 12, 1991
Place of Birth Malang, Indonesia
Star Sign Pisces
Country Indonesia
Gender Female

Her personal statement from the March 12th People Magazine article states, “It’s not about my height. I am just naturally blessed with a head for height and handsomeness that comes from my own Indonesian heritage. Plus, I really like the way people just laugh at me. I do not carry myself as a showbiz wiz when I am out there. I am very private about my personal life, but I enjoy meeting new people and spreading smiles wherever I go.”

Fildha Elishandi is not the first Indonesian actress to have been compared to Marilyn Monroe, the other being Krisundekitten, whom she is half-heartedly interested in. Krisundekitten herself was once asked about Fildha Elishandi by Access Hollywood, to which she replied, “I think she’s quite beautiful. But I’m not her kind of girl. I am a lady first, an artiste second. And lastly, an actress, who enjoys what she does.”

Krisundekitten is currently dating Thai supermodel Jara Kim, whilst Fildha Elishandi is rumoured to be pursuing a role in Malayalam, a remake of Hindi movie Beniyana. In fact Fildha Elishandi was spotted recently in Singapore, alongside the likes of her boyfriend, musician Lim Chin Siong, at a charity concert. Whether this is just a brief cameo or a real role remains to be seen. Either way, Fildha Elishandi is already proving that her Indonesian roots have not left her, nor will they ever leave her.


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