First Gulf Bank (FGB) UAE Contact Phone, Email, Location, Swift Code

First Gulf Bank is one of the most prominent banks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar and Sharjah. With more than two hundred seventy-five thousand branches across the globe, it provides complete banking services. A branch located in Sharjah has access to the stock market, while branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have access to the finance market. Branch offices in other countries are accessible through branches in U.A.E.

SWIFT Code First Gulf Bank uses specially designed universal serial bus switching network, or UTBS, to send information about their operations and transactions. This network was set up by First Gulf Bank to facilitate interbank financial transactions. Through this network, transfers are made between First Gulf Bank and the other institutions that it deals with such as: commercial banks, specialized financial institutions, international business exchanges, money transfers and cross-currency conversions. For instance, a customer from the United Kingdom can make a payment to a company located in Sharjah, on the same day, through a wire transfer done through First Gulf Bank.

BIC Code First Gulf Bank uses the specially designed Swift BIC code to identify its clients. BIC, or the Business Channel Interbank Currency Exchange, is a global standard used to identify currencies in over forty countries. The BIC code is used to facilitate the conversion of foreign currency to the domestic currency of the buyer and seller in over forty countries. The main purpose of First Gulf Bank’s BIC service is to make the exchange of currencies easier for its customers.

Transfer Agent First Gulf Bank has appointed an experienced team of customs agents to help individuals and businesses transfer money through BIC. The agents are members of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and are fully trained to handle the intricacies of the swift codes and other international laws that must be followed. First Gulf Bank sets up custom agents based in Dubai and Sharjah, two of the fastest growing cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Head Office
First Gulf Bank
Zayed First Street, Khalidiya Abu Dhabi,
6316 United Arab Emirates

Customer Service
Phone: 600525500
Phone: +97 12 6811511
Email: [email protected]

A BIC Code First Gulf Bank agent can assist you with the process of sending money online or through local banking channels in the United Arab Emirates. First Gulf Bank offers a secure and convenient online money transfer system through which individuals can send their money to almost anywhere in the world. First Gulf Bank offers a special facility called the “correspondent service,” which enables businesses to send requests for payment to their customers through First Gulf Bank’s automated banking system. The “correspondent service” allows the customer to enter information about the account, including balance and opening balances, and allows the agent to transfer the requested amount to the designated bank account. Businesses must be aware that this feature may only be available for accounts held with First Gulf Bank.

With First Gulf Bank, it is easy to transfer money securely to the united emirates. This fast and convenient money transfer system makes it easier to do business in the United Arab Emirates. The services provided by First Gulf Bank allow individuals and companies to do business freely without worrying about money exchange, security risks, or exchange rates. First Gulf Bank’s unique services take care of all these concerns while making the transaction fast, convenient, and secure. For more information on how to send money to the United Arab Emirates, contact First Gulf Bank.

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