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Friendship Day is celebrated once a year on the 30th July every year. This festival is all about friendship and giving the gift of friendship to another. It is also known as Friendship Day in UK, Australia and USA. The event was started by British people who wanted to celebrate the friendship between two countries.

The friendship day is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show. It is also celebrated at schools, colleges and universities. Special events are organized and large number of people get involved in it. Friendship day celebrations in UK can be observed in different ways.

In this article, we will be looking at different types of Friendship Day Images. The happy friendship day quotes and pictures are the best option for celebrating this special occasion. They are simply very cute images that will definitely make you feel happy. The happy friendship day quotes and pictures are taken from different sources. People like to post them on their walls or put them on their desktops, so they can be easily spotted. Most popular sources of friendship day quotes and pictures include young children’s walls, old people’s walls, ladies’ walls and also many educational images and pictures.

Happy Friendship Day Images

One of the most adorable and beautiful images that you can show as a sign of happiness during Friendship Day in UK is a message from the popular cartoon character Mickey. You can also send friendship day wallpapers or images from your desktop. There are various ways of sending wallpapers and images. However, if you are not that comfortable with using electronic art then here is a list of ways by which you can send beautiful friendship wallpapers to your dear ones.

Friendship Day
Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day Pictures

In order to share your love with your beloved ones, one of the best ways is to go online and look out for some national best friend’s definition. In order to get access to the best friend definition image, you can simply use the internet and search for “national best friend day”. This way you will be able to see all the cute and funny pictures of various famous characters.

Friendship Day 5
Friendship Day 5

Happy Friendship Day Photos & Wallpaper

However one of the best ways to share the friendship and see the cute facial expressions of your sweetheart is to use the messaging system of either apple or google. If you go to any of the two popular social networking sites like whatsapp or Facebook, you just have to open the messaging app, click on send and give your best friend’s a wonderful chat. After a few minutes you will be able to share pictures, wallpapers or send cute friendship day images.

Friendship Day 2

Friendship Day 3
Friendship Day 3


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