When is Friendship Day in India 2023?

Many people get confused each year with different Friendship Day dates. Friendship Day is one of the most awaited days to celebrate relationships and love. However, many people are also not very sure about which day this year’s Friendship Day is. This is totally common to occur. Actually, internationally, Friendship Day is usually celebrated on various different days in various different countries.

The actual date of the Friendship Day in India may be any number of days following the main celebration. It all depends on how fast people can grow and appreciate each other. For example, when it is celebrated during August, it is normally a much happier occasion because it happens during an important festival. On the other hand, India celebrates Friendship Day on the first Sunday of the new year. Therefore, if you happen to move to India, and find out that it is Friendship Day, then here is what you should know.

Indian people observe Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August every year. The third Monday of the month of August is also known as Independence Day in India. Although the third Monday is not exactly a Friendship Day in India, it is still widely celebrated as India’s national day of friendship. On this day, the Indian government declares its support for the freedom movements of the people of neighboring states that were facing hardships at the hands of their rulers.

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Friendship Day in India 2023

On the first Sunday of August, all across India, children and parents write short poems and messages on a white piece of cloth, which is known as the khachdi (a holy cloth used to sprinkle holy water). On the third Sunday of the month of August, all across India, children and parents light candles on the grass or on trees that had flowers or fruits planted on them. The main highlight of the festival is the exchange of kitty or gifts between siblings.

Since ancient times, the Festival of Friendship has been celebrated in India. It is seen and celebrated by people of all ages, races and classes. Although there are some customs and traditions which are observed on the festival of Friendship Day, one can see that the true spirit of the festival is celebrated openly on the first Sunday of the month of August. On this day, the people of neighboring states visit each other and make the most of this unique opportunity to strengthen their relations.

Friendship Day date in India

As per the latest census, there are approximately 22 million people living in the state of India. On the auspicious occasion of Friendship Day, the citizens of the Indian state to visit the house of another with a heart full of love, compassion and trust. Indian officials and authorities closely monitor any change in the schedule of festivals. In most of the states, a new set of programs and activities have been designed for the celebration of the festivity of Friendship Day. These are designed in such a way that they also provide scope to strengthen the bond between the citizens of a particular state and those of other nations as well.


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