Friendship Day in Singapore

Friendship Day in Singapore is on the sixth Saturday of the August. International Friendship Day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of the August. On that day, International Friendship Day celebrations will be observed all around the world, under the theme “Friendship Day”. It is really a good thought and shows how close the residents of Singapore are to foreign people, both in the field of business and non-business.

The name was suggested by the Foreign Secretary. He said ” Singapore needs more international aid. It needs our friends. I propose calling it the International Friendship Day.” And in that same vein, the first President of the Singapore called it “The Day of Friendly Relationships” in 1963.

Friendship Day in Singapore

The International Friendship Day in Singapore is celebrated with full pomp and pageantry. At mid-afternoon, the People’s Republic of China unveiled a gigantic wall along the boundary to the northern Partila of Singapore, which was then known as Raffles Boulevard. This marked the beginning of the People’s Republic of China construction work on Singapore’s border. Today, the wall is still standing, but in disrepair. But it serves as a fitting symbol for the dedication of the government to the understanding of Singapore’s international relations with its neighbours.

Friendship Day Singapore Wishes

On that same date, the national celebrations of Singapore are also underway. A day of fun, laughter and fun! The city of Singapore celebrates the start of the Chinese New Year with a fun-filled celebration of laughter and happiness, with Chinese traditional dances, food and gifts being a part of the celebration. Celebrations like these, which happen throughout the country, make for happy international day.

  • You are one of the blessings I got in life. I’m grateful to God for our friendship. Happy Friendship Day, bestie!
  • I just wanted to tell you that you’ve always held a special place in my heart. Happy Friendship Day, buddy!
  • Dear best friend, you’ve always brought out the best in me, supported me. Thank you for everything. Happy Friendship Day!
  • Happy friendship day 2023! I’ve always found you whenever I needed support, guidance, and someone to watch my back. Thanks for everything.
  • I cannot imagine how boring my life would be without you guys! Thanks, everyone for being there for me.
  • Happy Friendship Day, my buddy! You are someone I can count on in every step of my life. May our beautiful friendship lasts forever!
  • The most invaluable thing I have is your friendship. I will forever cherish it. Happy Friendship Day Bestie.
  • You are everything that a true friend can be. You are the most precious gift from God. I wish that we remain best friends for the rest of our life. Wishing you a very happy friendship day!

In its early years, the International Friendship Day in Singapore did not receive much support from the Chinese Government and did not receive much support at all from the outside world. Today, China and Singapore are our best friends, and the Chinese community in Singapore and Malaysia are increasingly prominent in their presence here, and we take great pride in being Chinese. The fact that International Friendship Day is still celebrated in Singapore under the watchful eye of the Chinese community only serves to underline just how strong our relationship is with the Chinese community. It is up to us to ensure that our government does what is best for China, rather than what is best for Singapore.

On that same note, I would like to assure the parents that, no matter how proud their kids are of Chinese heritage, it is not a mandate for them to raise their children to be Chinese. In today’s world, there are countless examples of parents sending their children to violent environments or otherwise abusing them, all because they are not of the Chinese persuasion. This should never be the case. Rather, by respecting all cultures, religions, and beliefs, we should work towards achieving peace and love throughout the world.


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