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Genevive Bujold is an actress widely recognized for her versatile work as a director and as an actress. She is perhaps best known for playing Anne Boleyn, the famous French queen in the book and film of the same name. Genevive Bujold was born in Southern France, where her father was a surgeon. Her mother was also a successful singer and actor, as was her step-sister, Julie Jean. Bujold later went on to study acting in London with such well-known performers as Alan Rickman, Ian McShane and Robin Wright.

It was this film that would transform Bujold into the confident, modern woman we see today. The book and subsequent film centered on the character’s life and it’s transformation from childhood to adulthood. The role of Anne Boleyn became one of the defining roles in English literature. As such, it was no small wonder that Genevive Bujold turned down other film roles, including parts in Dracula and Excalibur, that would have carried her to greater heights. After all, those parts may have been entertaining for an audience, but they would not have made Genevive Bujold a true talent.

Genevive Bujold’s first major film role came in a film that many will know of as Cleopatra. The film itself was a hit, and its release was followed by the even better Mona Lisa. Both films marked the beginning of Bujold’s prolific career, and the availability of her name on the roster of big Hollywood movies ensured that any role she might choose was sure to be acclaimed. Though some of her later films never achieved near the commercial success of her earlier work, her name was still in demand.

By the end of World War II, Genevive Bujold had established a name for herself in Hollywood. Her roles in films such as Camelot and Pretty Woman were well received, and she was nominated for an Academy Award for her work in that film. Bujold also had steady work on the television screen, playing opposite Cybill Shepherd in both The Nanny character and Herbie: Pig in Leoch. It was these roles that would provide the foundation for her finest work to date.

Name Genevieve Bujold
Age 76 years old
Profession Movie Actress
Birth Date 1-Jul-42
Birth Place Montreal, Canada
Nationality Montreal

After the war, Bujold decided to try her hand at writing, which is where her great love affair with the typewriter started. The result of this career choice would be her greatest film, A Place of Execution. This film was far different from the other films of her time, as it was far more psychological. Bujold’s contributions to the genre were many, and she was honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her place in American cinema is unparalleled by any female writer or director today. Her reputation has ensured that many more women will rise to greater heights in their careers.

Genevive Bujold’s career spanned four decades, and even though some of her stories have become popular among people in modern times, others are now best sellers. One of her last films, Age of Empire, was released in 2005. It is set in ancient Rome and follows the life of Emperor Nero. Genevive Bujold trivia can be found online, and you can also view some of her awards and honors.

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