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Gia Carides is an Australian former professional model, actress, and political activist. Gia Carides became famous when she appeared in some rather well known ad campaigns for Victoria water and Listerine mouthwash. Gia Carides has also been in the news quite a bit over the last ten years for different things.

Gia Carides net value: Gia (pronounced [ːjɔk]), is an Australian former professional model, actress, and political activist who have a current net worth of approximately $7 million. Gia Carides was born in Sydney, New South Wales. Gia Carides grew up in what is now Sydney and attended La Trobe High School. Gia Carides later went to college, where she pursued a degree in Psychology.

Gia Carides is married to Richard Sykes, who is her father. Gia Carides is currently the mother to three children. Gia Carides was not married or Dating when this photo was taken, but it is estimated that she met Sykes through an Instagram post in November of 2014. Gia Carides has not made any official posts since the photo was posted on her Instagram nor have her Instagram followers. It should be noted that Gia Carides is the mother of one of Richard Sykes’ children.

Gia Carides estimated net worth at somewhere between a six or seven-figure salary. Gia Carides has worked for major companies in Australia and in the United States, including Xerox, Scott, and J.C. Penney. Gia Carides most recently has worked as an executive assistant with Scott Hamilton, a real estate firm. Gia Carides is currently in the process of finalizing her move to New Zealand.

Popular AsN/A
Age56 years old
Zodiac SignGemini
Born7 June 1964
Birthday7 June
BirthplaceSydney, Australia

Gia Carides is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. Gia Carides is currently not financially stable, nor is her personal credit sound. Gia Carides is a single mother, which complicates matters when planning a move to a new country. Gia Carides has expressed an interest in financial freedom and is living the American Dream, but has not mentioned what type of financial structure she would like to pursue. Gia Carides does, however, have a sizable home equity. Gia Carides has expressed an interest in buying a home in New Zealand as she gets older and the possibility of financial freedom becomes a reality.

Gia Carides is currently not financially stable nor is her personal credit sound. Gia Carides is a beautiful, talented, and attractive young woman who is one of the most famous celebrities from the modern era of Hollywood. Gia Carides is probably best known to the general public as a contestant on season six of America’s favorite soap opera, The Bachelor. Gia Carides has not ruled out the possibility of becoming a full-time acting professional, or even a movie star in the future.

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