Global Day of Parents 2023 Theme, Slogan, Activities, Facts, History, Celebration

The 21st Century can bring with it a new awareness and understanding when it comes to global issues. One such issue that is often addressed worldwide is the need to make sacrifices for the children. This concept has become more than a mere statement made by adults but rather an obligation felt by all people. A child should not have to suffer because of another people’s inability to meet their basic human rights. This is why governments and people from all over the world have united in a joint effort to celebrate Global Day of Parents.

The aim of the Global Day of Parents is to celebrate the importance of nurturing and supporting the young. It highlights the concept that parents throughout the world play a very important role in the happiness and wellbeing of the young in our country. It is important to provide education to the young about healthy lifestyles, social norms, and the basics of life. This will help them develop and grow emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually in a positive manner.

Global Day of Parents

Every year, on this special day, people from all over the world will gather to send their love and blessings to parents through various activities and gatherings. One such activity is a picnic at the beach. Young children can enjoy sun bathing, eating fruits, and playing with other children. In addition to this, there are also many other activities planned for the day which will encourage participants to learn about the value of nurturing while appreciating other cultures. Participants will be able to share and build relationships with other parents throughout the world as they express their love and appreciation for the role parents play in creating their child’s future.

The spirit of the Global Day of Parents 2023 is to teach children that despite the differences between cultures, love, and family values are still present and significant in every child’s life. Each nation has different traditions regarding how parents nurture their children. Sometimes, it takes long for families to fully integrate these values into everyday life. Sadly, the lack of support for this practice in many countries around the world has resulted in its fading away. However, with the creation of the picnic and other activities planned for the 21st century, it is hoped that this important tradition will once again become mainstream not only in America but in other parts of the world where it belongs.

School Assembly of Global Parents Day

  1. On the occasion of World Parents Day, the head of the school or a teacher or student can deliver a speech in assembly about the importance of the parents day.
  2. Held a speech competition between the students on the topic of ”Why They Love Their Parents or Grand Parents”
  3. The students can be asked to state the qualities of their parents.
  4. In the classroom, students can draw pics of their family members.

Facts of Global Parents Day

  • In the United States, Parents Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July.
  • In South Korea, Parents Day is annually held on May 8, every year.
  • America(USA) and South Korea have a public holiday on Parents Day.
  • The United Nations proclaimed June 1 of every year as “Global Day of Parents” in 2012.

Global Day of Parents Theme, Slogan, Activities

Parents around the world will have a chance to take part in an inspiring day which aims to promote the importance of nurturing and cherishing. The theme of the event is “You Are Welcome, You Are My Kids” and the program includes numerous messages of wisdom and hope. Reading from the Message of Love and Wisdom, as selected by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, is an important part of the Global Day of Parents 2023 proceedings. Other messages include, “I love you” and “I thank you”.

There are various ways to follow along with the theme of the day. Messages of love and gratitude can be posted on refrigerator magnets, t-shirts, banners and flyers. The best method is to encourage one’s own children to help out with the picnic. They can even decide to let their parents sit at the head table and serve as host for the entire gathering. With the success of the first Global Day of Parents, there is sure to be a lot more growth in this beloved tradition.


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