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GlokkNine Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Husband, Biography

GlokkNine was part of the first ever rapper list. Notable for single such as Crayola and Don t Need No Help, he is an underground hip hop artist with multiple music releases drop regularly on the World Wide Web. The name of GlokkNine may be familiar to many people, as he is one half of rap group Nelly. This group is extremely popular, especially in Europe and Japan. His music is considered underground in many countries.

GlokkNine Facts GlokkNine is a successful rapper who was born and raised incomes of Cee-Lo and P Diddy. He gained his start by performing at raves, which are very popular in Europe and in America. He is currently signed to a record deal in America and has released his first single since his signing. His song title is entitled We Can’t Fight Ourselves. He is currently under contract with Universal.

GlokkNine Facts GlokkNine started his musical career with various unsuccessful solo efforts. Cee-Lo and P Diddy is the only two artists to have made a successful solo album and still continue to tour. Since then, GlokkNine has put out a number of duets with big names such as Rihanna and Chris Brown. It is believed that he would like to be signed to a major label someday. He is now safely signed to a United States label.

GlokkNine Facts GlokkNine stands atypical of a famous American rapper. He was not raised in the urban community and grew up in a home near Lake Woebegone in Ohio. The only members of his immediate family that he knows all attend college, so he made it clear early on that he wanted to pursue a career in music. GlokkNine was in fact signed to a hip-hop record deal in America but failed to release any singles.

GlokkNine’s famous people are relatively unknown. Most notably, none other than pop star Beyonce Knowles. She is also the mother of two teenage girls, Solange Knowles and her daughter twins, Aubren and Fanon. GlokkNine’s other notable celebrity offspring are dancer Le Bron James, rap artist Jay Z, and actor Chris Evans.

Profile: 9lokkNine
Age: 21 Years Old
Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)
Occupation: Rapper
Net Worth: US $500 Thousand
Status: Alive

GlokkNine Facts GlokkNine was not as successful as many might have hoped. Their first album didn’t even reach the platinum mark in either country of the United States. The single, “Take Me Away”, was not a commercial smash. The group followed a similar pattern on subsequent albums, failing to release a single for nearly a year. Some sources project the band’s eventual downfall to financial woes, overproduction, and poor management, however all indications point to poor songwriting and general lack of interest by their fans.

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