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GP Bondho SIM Offer 2023: Internet, Minute & Call Rate

GP Bondho SIM offer 2023 is available now. Grameenphone unused SIM offer and Reactivation offer is known as Bondho SIM Offer locally. In our country, maximum Mobile users have more SIM card which reaches their Phone SIM insert capacity. So, they remove one or more SIM cards from their Cell Phone and store these. When the Telco Company provides an attractive offer for reactivating the SIM, they change their existing SIM and inset the previous one. Grameenphone is the top Telco Company in Bangladesh, and they have the highest number of Mobile users.

Now, we are going to share the Trending unused SIM offer of Grameenphone. We believe that every Mobile user has a Grameenphone connection. Most of them are now using Robi for attractive offers, cheap internet, and a Combo bundle. Now, see the GP Bondho SIM Offer 2023 and decide again to Join Grameenphone Network.

What is Bondho SIM Offer?

Bondho is a Bengali word, which is the meaning of Unused or Silent. It means the SIM card is inactive on a selected period. By depending on the Schedule, each operator announces eligibility for Silent SIM Offer. Finally, The Bondho SIM offer means the offer you will get when you will keep a SIM card as inactive and reactivate again. Before reactivating the connection, Check the eligibility and then activate to get the offer, which is trending for the silent users.

GP Bondho SIM Offer January 2023

Currently, three and more offers are running for the unused users of Grameenphne. Please be noted that customers will be eligible to Enjoy the offer when they activate the offer from the power load of Grameenphone. We have content where we described details about Power load. Here, just providing you with a small concept only. The power load means the Retailer will sell an offer from the Flexiload SIM power load menu (*222*Customer Number#). While the Retailer will dial this code, they will see the available request on the offer menu.

All of the following Bondho SIM offers 2023 are available for Power Load only. First, check your Number that is eligible or not for this offer. The user who isn’t using his/her connection since December is suitable for the following suggestions.

1GB Internet 11 TK

1 GB Internet Package launched for Inactive customers. The Customer can now Activate 1 GB at 11 TK fo4 7 days. Just dial *121*5000# to Activate this Special Internet offer. The customer can also activate this Package from the My GP App.

5 GB Internet + 48 Paisa Call Rate 30 Days

Dial *121*5000# on your GP number to get 5 GB Internet and 48 Paisa Minutes Call Rate for 30 Days at 47 TK Only. The Validity of this Package for 30 Days. If you don’t have any Activity in the last 30 Days in Grameenphone, you are eligible for this offer. Customers can dial *121*5300# to check the Eligibility of their Grameenphone number which eligible or not to this number.

5 GB Internet + 48 Paisa Call Rate 30 Days

5 GB Internet 43 TK for 7 Days

It is an attractive offer for Grameenphone customers. If you are eligible, you can activate the 5 GB Internet Package at 43 TK only. The validity is 7 Days, and it will start count when your Package is activated. You can’t get this offer on MFS Recharge. So, visit any Flexiload point and ask to recharge 43 TK for 5 GB Internet GP Bondho SIM. This offer can activate once during the campaign period.

GP Bondho SIM Offer 5 GB 43 TK

3 GB Internet, 100 Minute, 48 Paisa Minute

The Inactive customers of Grameenphone can Purchase a 101 TK Bundle offer where they will get 100 Minutes of Talk Time, 3 GB of Internet, and a 48 Paisa per Minute call rate. This offer is valid for 30 days. To get this offer, Recharge from the Power Load offer menu. You need to visit your nearest Flexiload point of Grameenphone to activate this offer.

GP Bondho SIM Offer 3 GB, 100 Minute, 48 Paisa Call Rate

48 Minutes at 28 TK for 30 Days

GP Bondho SIM users can enjoy 48 Minutes Pack at 28 TK only for 30 Days. You need to know that the Package can activate once during the offer period. The available Minute balance can use to any Local Number 24 hours.

GP Bondho SIM Offer 48 Minutes 28 TK

Minutes & Internet Balance Check

All Unused SIM customers of Grameenphone can check their Minute balance by dialing *121*1*2#. Internet Balance check code is *121*1*4#. You can also check these balances from the My GP App. For any more queries, contact us to get the solution shortly.

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