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GP Call Barring & SMS Barring Activation, Deactivation, Status Check

GP Call Barring Activation Code, Cancel Code is available here. Grameenphone Call & SMS Barring Feature got popularity among its customers. All Grameenphone Prepaid and Postpaid customers can Enjoy Call Barring Service. There is no charge available for using Call Barring Service of GP. Not only Call Barring, but SMS barring service is also available for the GP customers. Why people use Call Barring or SMS Barring service? It has too many benefits. Firstly, When a user stays at a meeting, he/she can Activate Incoming Call Barring and Also Incoming SMS Barring. That time no Incoming Call or SMS will deliver to the customer’s mobile phone. Sometimes people Bar Outgoing calls while they charge their Mobile Phone or not stay with their Phone.

That time Outgoing Call Barring system works fine. So, you can Bar both your Incoming Call and also outgoing Call. You will get detailed information about GP Call Barring Service. This service activation system, cancel system, and status checking system everything is available. Sometimes people activate Barring service but can’t cancel because they don’t the system of cancellation.

Call Barring Activation & Cancel Process

Interested users can Activate Grameenphone Call Barring for Incoming Call or Outgoing Call. If you have activated already, you can Cancel the Service anytime. Both Activation and Deactivation of this service is free of charge. So, follow the Activation and Deactivation Code. Please be noted that your Default Password is 0000. You can change the password anytime. We’ll share the password change process below.

Call barring type Activation




Bar all outgoing calls *33*Password# #33*Password#
Bar all incoming calls *35*Password# #35*Password#
Bar all outgoing international calls *331*Password# #331*Password#
Bar all incoming calls when Roaming Abroad *351*Password# #351*Password#

SMS Barring Activation & Deactivation

Some customers want to Activate the SMS Barring service. Basically, people use Incoming SMS Barring on their number so that no one can send them SMS. If you already activate this, you need to know the process to cancel this system.

SMS Barring Type To Activate To Cancel
To block All Incoming SMS *35*Password*16 # #35*Password#
To block All Outgoing SMS *33*Password*16 # #33*Password#

How to Change GP Call Barring Password?

It is very important to change Call Barring Password. Many people know about this Service. So, they can cancel your Service anytime without your permission. If you keep your password default (0000), anyone can do this anytime. So, we recommend you changing your Call Barring password. Remember that, Password has to be 4 digits. First, decide your New password and then follow the below system to change it.

* * 03 * 330 * Old Password * New Password * Repeat New Password #

For example, You want to change your Password 1996 from 0000. Now, you need to dial * * 03 * 330 * 0000 * 1996 * 1996 #. Once you will dial this code, your Call Barring password will set as 1996. You need to use this Password future to Activate, Deactivate Call Barring.

You can also use GP Call Forwarding Service, to Transfer call other Mobile Number. We’ve published a content where everything is available about Call Forwarding of Grameenphone. You can also get more information from Grameenphone Customer Support.

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