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GP Call Forwarding System activate Code, Cancel, Charge & Details

GP Call Forwarding System is very popular to the users. Now, Most of the Grameenphone customers use Call Forwarding Service. Do you know what is call Forwarding service in Grameenphone? Existing users know this well. Some new users available here who don’t know details of this system. So, we are explaining information about this Service. All GP customers are eligible to Enjoy Call Forwarding Service for Free. Till now, GP didn’t add any specific amount for Call Forwarding activation, but it has Charge. We’ll share details on Charge section of this content.

What kinds of info will you get on this post? At first, we’ll share the Activation process of GP Call Forwarding service properly with valid code. There are several types of call forwarding system available for the customers. So, every user needs to know their requirements. Then, they need to activate the Call Forwarding on their GP connection.

GP Call Forwarding Activation Code

Do you want to Activate Call Forwarding Service on your GP Number? If yes, it means you want to transfer all of your Incoming Call to another Mobile number. It may be a GP Number or other operator number. Before activating this Service, select a Mobile number where you want to transfer your current number’s Incoming call. Then, dial the below code and activate the Service instantly.

Call Forward Category Activation Code Example
Call Forward when Not Reachable ** 62* Mobile Number # **62*01711594594#
Call Forward when the phone is Busy ** 67* Mobile Number # **67*01711594594#
Call Forward when there is No Reply ** 61* Mobile Number # **61*01711594594#
Call Forward All Calls ** 21* Mobile Number # **21*01711594594#
Forward All Calls *002* Mobile Number # **002*01711594594#
Forward all calls that match the 4 condition *004* Mobile Number # **004*01711594594#

Grameenphone Call Divert Cancel Code

Do you want to Off your Call Forwarding service? It is also effortless. Just dial the cancel code, and it will be deactivated automatically.  You can save these codes for future use or bookmark this Website to get more information anytime.

Cancel Call Forward Cancel Code
Cancel Call Forward When Not Reachable ##62#
Cancel Call Forward When the phone is Busy ##67#
Cancel Call Forward when there is No Reply ##61#
Cancel Call Forward All Calls ##21#
Cancel Forward of All Service  ##002#

Status Check

You can check your Grameenphone call forwarding Service status anytime with the shortcode. Just dial *# Service Code #. If you don’t understand this well, you can see details on the below Table.

Forward Service Cancel Code
Forward When Not Reachable *#62#
Forward when the phone is Busy *#67#
Forward when there is No Reply *#61#
Forward All Calls *#21#

Call Forwarding Charge

Many people ask about GP Call Forwarding Charge. So, we’re writing details. There is no single charge for this Service Activation or Deactivation. No fee is available as a subscription or monthly basis. But, when the call will forward, you will be charged Regular call rate from your Account balance. If your account balance is insufficient, your call won’t forward to the number.

If you want to know more information about this Service or have any question, you can contact us now or ask your question on the comment. Anyone can reply to your question. Our support team will answer you back shortly.


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