GP Internet Offer 2021 – All GP Internet Packages

GP Internet Offer 2020 has added here! As a pioneer of the telecommunication industry, Grameenphone is offering lots of eye-catching packages to its users. You know what; the value which is coming with the given price is quite sufficient for the consumers. Consequently, we have seen that since the beginning, GP is quite accessible to its users for the quality service at a reasonable price. Though some people may find the offers little pricey in comparison with other mobile operators. But the real scenario is that GP puts off lots of emphases to make the offers user friendly. In this continuation, the GP internet offer is the prime topic to know the details.

After studying all the relevant criteria and extensive work, we have concluded to make a discussion about the offers of this renowned mobile operator. Through this article, you will come to know the authentic details about the internet offer of this brand. Eventually, you will have an option to select the most suitable one for you. In June 2020, GP added some attractive Internet Package which you can find quickly on Grameenphone official Website and also on this post. So, let’s check the latest offer on the below now.

GP Internet Packages & Offers 2021

In the official announcement, which is the latest news, Grameenphone has declared the reduction of the offer price. It means you will have the scope to buy better service at a low price in comparison with the past. The internet comes in the form of four categorized menu. It is because they are willing to provide variant service to its users. As a user of GP, you can avail of the most lucrative GP internet offers from the website or using the My GP apps. Besides, you will have the scope to buy internet packages through dialing the USSD code correctly. If you have a Robi connection, you can also check Robi Internet Package 2021 to compare with Grameenphone.

Package Name Charge Code Validity
Pay As You Go 6 BDT *121*3000# Daily
4 MB 18 BDT *121*3002# 2 Days
35 MB 37 BDT *121*3003# 7 Days
75 MB 56 BDT *121*3004# 7 Days
100 MB 149 BDT *121*3005# 30 Days
500 MB 229 BDT *121*3007# 28 Days
1.5 GB 337 BDT *121*3027# 28 Days
2 GB 427 BDT *121*3009# 28 Days
3 GB 609 BDT *121*3010# 28 Days
5 GB 1157 BDT *121*3012# 28 Days
10 GB 1522 BDT *121*3013# 28 Days
12 GB 2436 BDT *121*3014# 28 Days
20 GB 86 BDT *121*3015# 28 Days
1 GB 104 BDT *121*3056# 7 Days
1.5 GB 129 BDT *121*3044# 7 Days
2 GB 179 BDT *121*3058# 7 Days
4 GB 31 BDT *121*3084# 7 Days
250 MB 2.5 BDT *121*3083# 3 Days
Whatsapp pack 20MB 2.5 BDT *121*3063# 1 Days
Viber 20MB Pack 6 BDT *121*3070# 1 Days
Daily Heavy Video pack 5 BDT *121*3020# 1 Days
Emergency data loan (10MB) 5 BDT *121*3021# 2 Days
Facebook 1 Day 1.5 BDT *121*3022# 1 Days
Facebook 7 Days 6 BDT *121*3023# 7 Days
Facebook 28 Days 18 BDT *121*3024# 28 Days

GP Internet Packages 2021

At first, let’s see the volume packs of GP to make a call in buying an internet offer. You will find various volumes in this category. Some Internet Packs are available where the user also get Talk Time (Minute) and SMS. Very soon, We’ll add these combo offers quickly for you. You can still purchase updated GP SMS Packs from this Website.

GP Internet Offers 2021

Along with volume packs, GP is introducing offer packs for its users. It can be very crucial for them to make better usage of the internet in a cost-efficient way.

GP Social Internet Packs

Sometimes, we find that people are very keen to stay on the social networking site for a long time. In this case, GP is offering Social packs for its users.

GP 4G Internet Packages

Separately, GP is offering high-speed internet through 4G packs. You will have the fastest network using this data volume.

Using GP internet is quite a fantastic experience. The statement has come from happy users. In this way, we can say that GP internet offers can be very lucrative for you. The price is reasonable. Besides, you can have the scope to facilitate the most excellent network service.

So, it is evident that people will like these packages very much. On the other hand, you can meet your needs using the fastest internet available in Bangladesh so far.  Moreover, you may like its quality controlled service without interruption and make your work done effectively.

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