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GP Minute Offer – All Minute Pack List 2023 (Updated)

GP Minute PackGP Minute Pack & Offer Price update on 2023. People are living in an age where communication holds a lot of impact on daily life. In the way of living, we can find a lot of varieties to establish contact with others. When the scenario is like that, then Grameenphone is playing a vital role in making the people satisfied with the extensive network system. You know what; the cost is a significant concern in this communication system. That is why; everyone looks for the perfect ways to get the price at a minimum level. In this way, the GP minute offer can be a great tool to find a solution. Besides, the service of GP is quite excellent in any manner to enrich the high-level communication system.

On the other hand, you can see that a minute’s offer is so crucial in many aspects. For example, it reduces the overall cost of a user. Besides, if you are a person who talks very often using the phone, then it will be very fruitful for you. Now, it is time to disclose all the features of the GP minute offer to you and find the right pack.

GP Minute Offers & Pack 2023

Since the beginning of the GP, the business has been flourishing with a significant trend. You know what; in the telecom industry, Grameenphone has introduced enormous offers to amuse the consumers. In this continuation, GP is offering minutes as a bundle pack for the users. After that, people are accepting the packages at a reasonable cost. Besides, the price of the minute packs will reduce the cost, and it will make the user happy. On the other hand, a minute’s offer will be suitable for users who talk too much with others. Let’s have a look at the detail information of GP minutes provide for the users.

Pack Name Price (BDT) Validity Activation Code
10 Minutes 6 TK 6 hours *121*4024#
21 Minutes 14 TK 16 hours *121*4001#
37 Minutes 24 TK 24 hours *121*4002#
77 Minutes 53 TK 7 days *121*4004#
120 Minutes 78 TK 7 days *121*4026#
160 Minutes 99 TK 7 days *121*4006#
190 Minutes 117 TK 10 days *121*4007#
310 Minutes 199 TK 30 days *121*4018#

4 Minutes Offer

At first, the user can attain this offer at a very cheap cost. In this offer, you can get 4 minutes with a price of 2.5 takas, which will remain valid for 4 hours. If you want to activate this offer, you must dial *121*4022#.

6 Minutes Offer

You can buy 6 minutes for the cost of 3.7 takas. It will remain valid for only 6 hours. Like other small offers, it has very cheap and affordable for the users. To activate, you will need to dial *121*4023#.

10 Minutes Offer

Now, we are talking about small minutes offer for the users. In this pack, you will get 10 minutes and will cost you only 6 takas. Besides, the validity period for this offer is only 6 hours. By recharging the exact amount or just dialling *121*4024#, you can activate this offer.

15 Minutes Offer

If you are thinking about buying a little minute offer, then you will find a great way to get it. In this way, you should buy 15 minutes at a cost of 9 takas only. The offered pack will remain valid for 6 hours. Within this time, you should consume the minutes. The user must dial *121*4060# to activate this package.

16 Minutes Offer

Here, in this offer, you will get a little long validity period in comparison with other small minute packs. In this pack, the validity period is up to 24 hours. You have to consume all the minutes within this time frame. You will get 16 minutes, and GP will deduct only 10 takas from your account.

70 Minutes Offer

You know what, the hourly validity period has gone. Now, it is time to discuss the days of validity at a cheap cost. At first, you will get 70 minutes, which remains valid for four days. The cost of this pack is only 44 Takas. To activate this offer, you have to dial *121*4003#.

125 Minutes Offer

Another excellent minute offer is GP 78 minutes pack. In this pack, you will get 125 minutes to consume in 7 days. That is why; you can call it a weekly minute pack as well. The cost of this pack is only 78 takas. If you want to activate this pack, recharge the exact amount in your mobile number.

160 Minutes Offer

We are going from big to bigger packs gradually. In this continuation, you will find 160 minutes from Grameenphone. The amusing fact is that GP will take only 99 takas to provide this offer to your account. It will remain valid for a week. You need to dial *121*4006# to activate this minute pack.

330 Minutes Offer

The most amusing minutes offer is containing within this pack. You will get 330 minutes to consume within 30 days. So, you can use these minutes for a month correctly. Just keep in mind that this validity will include the activation day. The minute pack will cost you only 199 takas. So, if you are keen to take this bundle minute pack, then dial *121*4018# or recharge the same amount to your mobile number.

500 Minutes Offer

Now, it is time to reveal the giant minute offer of GP in front of you. In this pack, you will get a considerable amount of minutes to talk with others. You know what; GP will add 500 minutes to your account and deduct only 298 takas. Besides, you will have the scope of having a long conversation with others. The validity period of this pack is 30 days. It includes the activation day of the package. You know what, the activation process is straightforward, you need to dial *121*5074# to activate this bundle minutes pack.

GP always designs its offer to increase the satisfaction level of the users. In this continuation, you will find every pack of these minute offers is quite mind-blowing and reasonable. You need to keep in mind that you can use these minutes to talk with others of any operator in Bangladesh. You know, people’s need varies from user to user. That is why; GP introduces these packs to be suitable for any user. Besides, the offer price is quite affordable for users.


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