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GP SMS Pack 2023 & Offer code Any Number 30 Days

GP SMS OfferGP SMS Pack 2023 is one of the most important queries for all GP customers. In 2023, Many people will buy the SMS Package because many events are available this month. Now a day (In 2023), People send Text Messages to each other for any type of communication. Day by day it is increasing. Every 6 people out of 10 have an SMS balance on their Mobile Account. So, the importance of the SMS Bundle you can guess now. Surprisingly, GP is the number one Operator in Bangladesh that provides SMS Offers to all of its Prepaid & Postpaid customers. Now, the user can Activate SMS Plan quickly as their own require from My GP App, Flexiplan App, and from the Official Website of Grameenphone. It is really a very easy and simple process to Buy SMS in GP. There are too many GP SMS Offer is available for the Grameenphone Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

Also, the Activation system of these SMS Bundles is also different. So, no one can remember these data. They need to know this online. We’re now providing details about the GP SMS Bundle offer with Its activation code, Balance check code, charge, and everything. Let’s find out your best SMS Pack of Grameenphone on this post. On National Budget June 2023, Bangladesh Government increases 10% Extra Tax on Mobile Usages. Now, The Price of the SMS Package can be increased at any time.

GP Any Number SMS Pack 2023

The aristocratic journey of Grameenphone has been enriching the mass people’s life since the beginning of their telecom business in Bangladesh. In the same way, it is quite efficient in providing quality services to its users. You can avail of the eye-catching offers from GP. The main reason lies behind the success of GP is its high-quality network system. Through this network system, people can communicate with others in the form of SMS, calls, and the Internet as well. That is why; we are here to discuss the GP SMS pack with you. We hope you will get satisfactory information regarding the SMS pack.

You know what; business is not a tool to make only a profit. It is a way to create value, which ensures excellent communication supports for the people. In this case, we can name Grameenphone as the leading telecom company to build up a high-quality network system in Bangladesh.

FlexiPlan GIFT SMS

By using Flexi plan Web, App, or under My GP App, you can Gift SMS to any GP number. Charge for gifting is the same as activating SMS pack for self. So, you can Send SMS as a gift to any of your Friends and Family members with this Process. Details info is available below. The charge will deduct from your account, and receiver will receive SMS as gift on their number.

How to buy GP SMS Pack 2023?

Grameenphone allows Buying SMS Pack via Flexi plan, Short & USSD Code, Through MyGP App and also from easy menu. So, a specific user can follow a different process to get their GP SMS Bundle. It will depend upon you. So, if you’re a MyGP App user, you can buy GP SMS Offer quickly through Flexiplan of the App.

Web users can also activate GP SMS Pack quickly by visiting Grameenphone Official Website or Flexi Plan Weblink directly. Other users can Buy SMS Pack through USSD code dialing and via *121# Menu. Now, see the GP SMS Offer 2023. You may know that People now like to activate the SMS Bundle which can send to any number. USSD Activation code is one of the most popular activation systems for users. Many users don’t have a Smartphone or Internet connection. These users like to Buy SMS Pack quickly via USSD.

GP SMS Pack & Offer

GP Best SMS Pack 2023

Here, all GP SMS Offer 2023 is available for GP users. You can see the Pack to choose the best one quickly. Just dial the code and activate the Pack. Make sure that you have enough balance in your main account to activate the Pack.

Packages Name Total Price Validity Activation Code
25 SMS Pack 2.0 TK 3 day *121*1015*2#
100 SMS Pack 7.0 TK 4 day *121*1015*1#

30 Days SMS Pack (Any Number)

Through this informative article, we are going to discuss the SMS offer of GP. You know what, in our daily activities, we need to contact others not only through voice calls but also through SMS. In the same way, sometimes written information works well than verbal communication. Besides, it makes the process easier to keep track of the conversation. On the other hand, you may convey greetings through SMS. That is why; people love to send SMS to their beloveds or others. Eventually, GP is offering various SMS packs for its users. Let’s have a look at those packs.

50 SMS Pack for 30 Days (Any Number)

At first, you can avail of 50 SMS by costing only 5.99 takas. The package will remain valid for 30 days. But, here you need to remember one thing is that this pack is only applicable for sending SMS from GP to GP only. You know what this pack will be good for them who are keen to communicate with others not much often. In the same way, as a standard user, it can be perfect for you to send an only important message to your friends and relatives.

Here, another most essential thing you need to consider is that it has included all the taxes like SD and Vat. So, you will not need to spend extra money to activate this offer pack. After that, you will need to write s3 on the message box and send it to 8426. In this way, you will get 50 SMS for a little money. Here, another thing you should need to keep in mind is that this pack will be applicable for prepaid SIM users.

Update Price: 6 TK

200 SMS Pack 30 Days (Any Number)

for sending a large amount of SMS through the month, you can avail of this pack. In this way, you will get 200 SMS for 11.07 taka, including VAT and other taxes. On the other hand, you can make use of it for 30 days. After that, you can communicate with others and find an intelligent communication system through SMS. Besides, the validity period is so long to make this pack useful for the time being according to your needs. Moreover, 200 SMS is a large pack, and the message will carry your concept clearly with your relatives and friends.

If you want to activate this package for further communication in written form, then you should buy this pack for yourself. Here, the users should be active in sending SMS and get other communication tools through this SMS pack. Besides, excellent communication becomes easier for the users. Our feelings will be open and clear to our communication partner. If you want to run this pack, you need to dial *111*10*6#. After that, your package will get activated through your number by deducting the recharge amount from your account.

Update Price: 11.09 TK

500 SMS Pack for 30 Days (Any Number)

It is the most massive SMS pack which comes from a renowned telecom company. Here, the GP is very loud and dedicated to making a call. So, you may get the most critical communication tool by buying this SMS pack for the user. You know what, the SMS pack has got 500 SMS, and the GP will deduct 19 takas only. That is why; sending SMS and conveying greetings is quite easy and fun worthy for you. On the other hand, you can look for the bundle package as the sole way to communicate with others. In this matter, we can name those people who are very keen to communicate with others through SMS.

In this way, they become capable of remaining in touch with their beloveds. So, nothing can interrupt their communication. Besides, you need to keep in mind that the SMS pack contains an adequate number of SMS, which will make them satisfied to have great fun. Here, the quantity can be just a counting procedure, but the expression of feelings will be beyond any boundary. In this continuation, GP is offering people use a large SMS pack with a little cost. To activate this offer, you need to write s3 on your message box and send it to 8426 numbers. After that, this SMS pack will get activated for you.

Update Price: 19.05 TK

GP SMS Offer (Any Number)

Now, all of the available GP SMS Offer 2023 is here for you. There are too many SMS Offer is available. The user can choose any Package quickly from their end. We see that different people choose different Offers for their use. The Daily or Monthly needs of the entire user is different. So, see all of these SMS Offer 2023 of Grameenphone and choose the best one for you.

If you Purchase On-net SMS Offer, you can’t send it to any number. So, before activating a plan, see details. If the SMS can use for any Number, then purchase it. Otherwise, your Account balance will be finished. It is for this reason that Many GP numbers changed their Operator to Robi, Airtel, Banglalink & Teletalk. Any Net SMS Pack can use to send messages to any Mobile Number.

GP 25 SMS Pack 2 TK Offer

Grameenphone customers can activate this small SMS Offer on their GP Prepaid & Postpaid number. This pack is activating quickly through the USSD code. The validity of this Pack is 3 days. So, read the details below before purchasing this Offer.

  • To Activate 25 SMS at 2 TK, offer, dial *121*1015*2#
  • The Validity of this Package is 3 Days (Including Activation day)
  • Both Prepaid and Postpaid customers can Activate this SMS Offer
  • There is no activation limit for the user, so this Bundle can activate unlimited time during the campaign period
  • This is not a regular offer, this offer can close at any time
  • If you can’t activate this offer, contact Grameenphone to know more

GP 100 SMS Offer

Grameenphone Prepaid and Postpaid both customers can activate 100 SMS Pack for 4 Days. This SMS can use on GP to GP only. So, a customer who wants to send a Message on a Grameenphone number can purchase this Pack. But make sure that your receiver number is Grameenphone. Now, 013 or 017 Series number may not be a GP Number. According to MNP System, user can change their operator at any time by keeping their number the same. Now, know the instruction and activate 100 GP to GP SMS Pack.

  • Dial *121*1015*1# to Activate this SMS Pack
  • All GP Prepaid & Postpaid customers are eligible for this offer
  • This 100 SMS can send to any GP Number (Not Any number)
  • This Pack is valid for 4 Days
  • The cost of 100 SMS Pack is 7 BDT
  • To check SMS Balance, dial *121*1*2# or check via App
  • No Activation Limit is available.

20 SMS, 20 MMS & Free MCA at 2 TK

Grameenphone Customer Can Activate this special Offer where they will get 20 SMS, 20 MMS, and 1-month Free Missed Call Alert Service. The customer will get 2 Days of validity for SMS and MMS and 30 Days for Missed Call alerts. Read the details below.

  • All GP Prepaid & Postpaid customers can Enjoy this Offer
  • The customer needs to dial *111*11# to activate this offer
  • The customer will be charged 2.55 TK (Including Tax) from their Main account balance directly.
  • The SMS & SMS can be used to GP only
  • The Validity of SMS and MMS is 2 Days
  • Free Missed Call Alert Service (MCA) will be activated automatically as per purchasing this Bundle.
  • To check SMS Balance, dial *121*1*2# or use MyGP App to check the Balance.

GP Flexi Plan SMS Offer

All Grameenphone users can Activate customized SMS Pack via Flexi Plan. Now, the user can purchase 50 SMS, 200 SMS, and 500 SMS Pack quickly through Flexi Plan. When a user will purchase 50 SMS Pack for 1 Day, 3 Days, 7 Days, 15 Days, or 30 Days, it will charge BDT 5.99. For the same purpose, 200 SMS Pack price is 11.07 BDT and 500 SMS Price 19 BDT.

The Validity isn’t fact on this Flexiplan SMS Pack. So, the user can choose maximum validity while purchasing these SMS Packs. SMS Balance can be checked via Shortcode or App. Here is the Details Summary of the Grameenphone Flexiplan SMS Pack.

Pack Name Validity Cost (Including Taxes) Activation
50 SMS Pack 1/3/7/15/30 Days 5.99 BDT Flexi plan Web, Flexiplan App, MyGP App
200 SMS Pack 1/3/7/15/30 Days 11.07 BDT
500 SMS Pack 1/3/7/15/30 Days 19.00 BDT

Therefore, Grameenphone customers receive custom SMS Offer. They receive Promotional Messages from GP Offer where they get an attractive SMS Bundle. So, keep your eyes on the inbox, and don’t miss a single offer from Grameenphone.

GP Flexi Plan SMS Offer

How can I buy 500 GP SMS?

Do you want to Buy a 500 GP SMS Pack? All GP Prepaid and Postpaid users can Activate this 500 SMS Pack online. There is no shortcode available to activate this pack. Just Visit Flexiplan Portal or Open My GP App or GP Flexiplan App to Activate this Pack quickly.

  1. Visit
  2. Select 500 SMS (Choose Internet & Minute 0), 30 Days Validity
  3. Buy This Pack
  4. Complete your Payment
  5. Enjoy

We’re checking the Official Website of GP continuously. If they change any offer or add/remove any, we’ll update it instantly. Please feel free to contact us if any invalid code or process is available here. We didn’t verify all information but all of these were collected from the Authority of Grameenphone. As per getting your feedback, we’ll contact GP again. Your valuable feedback will help us with improving our quality.

Final Thought

GP SMS Pack is just a smashing offer for people who are very much fond of communicating through non-verbal ways. In this regard, SMS offers have been given a significant priority in our discussion. At a cheap cost, you can send SMS and communicate with others. On the other hand, in the professional aspect, we have seen that business communication is very much efficient in SMS communication. For example, you can find that the sales and marketing professionals send SMS to communicate regarding their business purpose. In this case, a bundle pack offer can be beneficial for them.

On the other hand, as a standard user, you may need to discuss it with friends and family. In this case, a bundle pack of SMS can be handy for you. It is because; you will not need to spend extra money to do so. You know what; the single SMS can cost you more in comparison with bundle packs. That is why we see that people are keen to buy a bundle SMS pack at once. It can be a cost-effective tool for them. [336]


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