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Gracia Indri Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Gracia Indri, better known as Gracia Indri is an Indonesian actress, martial artist, singer, and model. She is the youngest sister of two sisters of former singer, Edo Sulistice and Nevos Setyanningrum. Her younger sister, Gisela, is currently a soap opera actor.

Gracia Indri’s life was marked by tragedy and turmoil. As a child, she suffered from cerebral palsy, asthma, dyslexia, and other ailments which resulted in limited mobility. Despite this, Gracia Indri’s career as an actress took off later in life and she later became famous for her many television roles, including on Kung Manggas.

Gracia Indri is now a popular name recognition in Indonesia and Hollywood. She has also become known for her many accomplishments both on and off screen. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Gracia Indri was named after her mother, which meant “king”. Her father was very ill during their pregnancy and the family had to move frequently, ultimately being moved to Tokyo, Japan where Gracia was given a different name, Gracia Joanna Angelina De Mestre.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Gracia Indri
Occupation Actress
Age 31
Date of Birth January 14, 1990
Place of Birth Jakarta, Indonesia
Star Sign Capricorn
Country Indonesia
Gender Female

After her family moved to California, Gracia attended the Fashion Institute of America in Los Angeles. She studied acting, modeling, television and print design. After graduation, Gracia opened her own modeling agency, representing people from other cultures and countries. In 1992, Gracia Indri made her first film appearance in a Japanese soap opera, Hanxikoman. Her performance went so well that she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in the same year.

Today, Gracia is one of the world’s top actresses. She has also established her own international acting agency, which represents people from different parts of the world. Additionally, Gracia has been nominated three times for Best Actress in the Best Screenplay category at the Oscars. Her other awards include accolades from the Venice Film Festival and the Golden Globe Awards. Her biography will show that although her career is colorful, she maintains a resolute attitude and has remained an independent actress.

Gracia Indri is perhaps best recognized for her role as the Sukita in the TV sitcom Happy Days. However, she is an excellent actress who has appeared in a variety of successful films. Her most recent roles were on the television series CSI, Gangs of New York, and Chuck.

In this book, Gracia gives details of her experiences in Hollywood. One thing that is interesting to note is that the author includes photographs of herself posing with some of her former celebrities, including Tom Selleck and Marilu Henner. Gracia reveals how she landed a role as Sukita, the African maid in Happy Days, and how she discovered an Indian girl living in California named Anya Hindmarcha. She goes on to say that she fell in love with the Indian girl and decided to marry her when the show was canceled after one season. Gracia maintained a net worth of six million dollars when she was married to Anya.

Gracia is definitely an intriguing character from an African soap opera actress with a strong Indian upbringing. This is a fascinating biography of a contemporary black American woman from Ghana. If you are looking for information about Gracia Indri and are having difficulty finding it, you can consult with your favorite search engine for more information.


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