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Gunner Gomez Net Worth, Age, Bio, Birthday, Height, Facts

Gunner Gomez, better known by his real name, Gunner Gomez, is a Californian singer, songwriter, and actor best known for his work on the television shows, The Grey’s Anatomy, Housefull, Anger Management, Glee, Family Guy, and Scrubs. Gunner is also a versatile performer, having also been a voice actor in the very popular The Mask, Home Alone, and Frasier. Gunner has made quite an amount of money from his various main acting careers, most notably from his role as YouTube star, Gunner Gomez. Gunner Gomez Net Worth or income: Gunner Gomez net salary is believed to be between six to seven million dollars.

Gunner has had varied success in his acting career, starting out as a child in the television show Deuce Bigalow and ending with his role as a toddler on the show Goodnight, Full House. Gunner went on to have smaller roles in films such as The Mask, Dances With Machines, and The Perfect Team. His acting prowess continued into his early adulthood, which saw Gunner Gomez get various roles in the films Invictus, Collateral, and Painkillers. During his adulthood he went on to play the father on the television series Fathers of Invention, and the son in the film Finding Nemo. He also appeared in the animated films Finding Fleshington, Futurama, and Bratz.

Gunner was born in Southern California, the second of four children of Terri Davis-Gomez. He was named after his mother’s maiden name, Gunner Gomez. Gunner grew up in foster homes and often met fellow siblings that would become his friends in later life. In his teens, Gunner went on to become involved with the alternative rock movement. In particular, he became known for his vocals and guitar work, as well as his production work. As his musical tastes evolved over the years, he began to work with bands that would help to define the sound of alternative music.

A quick Internet search will bring up many public records about Gunner Gomez, including his birth date, where he went to school, and where he lives presently. You will likely be surprised by how little information most people are willing to share about their most famous former classmates. Gunner’s name is hardly mentioned by either his fans or by biographers. This is unfortunate, as his biography deserves to receive more attention than it is currently receiving. Gunner’s lack of public visibility is frustrating for several reasons:

As stated above, Gunner is relatively unknown. The lack of information about Gunner Gomez lends confusion to his biography. He may even be a dwarf, but there is no mention of this on either his public records or on his Wikipedia page. This lack of information makes his biography fairly unreliable. If Gunner Gomez really was a dwarf, he would probably have uploaded some pictures on a public website or at least made a few YouTube videos, otherwise he wouldn’t be famous!

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Gunner Gomez
Occupation YouTube Star
Age 24
Date of Birth April 29, 1996
Place of Birth United States
Star Sign Taurus
Country United States
Gender Male


Birth date 29-Apr
Day of Birth Monday
Year of Birth 1996
Birth Sign Taurus
Birth Sign Duality Passive
Birth Sign Modality & Element Fixed Earth
Opposite Sign Scorpio

Gunner is not the first famous person to pass away without being properly memorialized. His case is somewhat unique, however, as his lack of public records make it difficult to know how he died, if at all. If you would like to learn more about Gunner Gomez, you can research other famous people of the same age or who have recently passed away. You can find out about Gunner Gomez by searching public records about his birth, childhood, or adulthood. His death record is also available online. You can learn more about Gunner Gomez from the biographies of other famous people of your same age or who have passed away, such as his classmates and friends.

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