Happy Eid Mubarak Wishes in Tamil 2022

Happy Eid Mubarak wishes in Tamil is a common Eid greeting which is practiced across the many Muslim nations. The Eid festival marks the end of Ramadan and the holy month of Ramadan. This holy month has been celebrated since the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The festival marks the end of Ramadan and Muslims around the world offer prayers to Eid el-Fitr in the many Islamic countries like Egypt, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and others.

In most Eid messages written or printed on post it notes, families write their wishes for the happy Eid el-Fitr to their near and dear ones. The wishes range from being a good husband, wife, parents, sister or brother, children, friends and other relatives. Some families write their wishes for the groom saying that he is their proper and best man. Others wish for the bride or bridegroom to be healthy, strong and well. Some families also wish for their relatives to be safe and sound and some wish them a very happy married life.

Sometimes the wishes are written in Punjabi and sometimes in Tamil. However, there are no written traditions regarding the wishes and it is left to the discretion of the family to write their own wishes. There are several reasons for wishing one’s loved ones on this day. The first reason is of course to wish them well on their wedding day. Many Muslims believe that a marriage is a deep and important bond and a wedding is the first and last step of this bond.

The second reason of writing wishes for the wedding day is to wish the bride or groom a happy and beautiful marriage. It is seen as a duty and responsibility of the family to look after and take care of their daughter or son, so they choose a happy and beautiful marriage as a way of wishing them. However, it is not always easy to get the family to agree upon the wishes of the bride and groom and many times, the family may not be in a mood to talk about wedding wishes. Therefore, it is advisable to involve the bride and groom’s parents. This way, the wishes will be according to their choice and if the parents do not like the wedding, they can always change the wishes.

மியர்களின் முக்கியமான பண்டிகை ரம்ஜான். இஸ்லாமிய காலண்டரில் 9வது மாதமான ரம்ஜான் மாதத்தின் பிறப்பிற்கு முன்னர் ஒரு மாதம் இஸ்லாமியர் காலை முதல் மாலை வரை உணவு உண்ணாமல் நீர் அருந்தாமல் இருப்பார்கள். இப்படியான நோன்பு காலங்களில் இஸ்லாமியர்கள் கடைபிடிக்க வேண்டிய பல்வேறு விதிமுறைகள் இருக்கின்றன. நோன்பு முடிந்ததும் பெருநாள் பண்டிகை கொண்டாடப்படும்.

இந்த காலம் இஸ்லாமியர்களுக்கு புனிதமான காலகட்டமாகும். உலகம் முழுவதும் நாளை ரம்ஜான் கொண்டாடப்பட உள்ளது.

ரம்ஜானுக்காக இப்போதே வாழ்த்து செய்திகள் வேகமாக பரவ ஆரம்பித்துள்ளன. இங்கு ரம்ஜானுக்கான சில வாழ்த்து செய்திகள் மற்றும் வாழ்த்து புகைப்படங்களைப் பார்ப்போம்.

In fact, it is the responsibility of the family to look after the wishes of the groom and bride and only then they will go ahead with the wedding. For example, if there is a problem with the wedding venue, then the groom can move the wedding to a different venue. Similarly, if there are problems in the wedding finances, then only the bride and the groom’s family have the power to decide who will get the money and how they will spend it.

The tradition of Eid is mostly celebrated in a single location such as a holy family place. The bride and the groom exchange garlands and the home are also decorated with beautiful flowers. People come from far distances to attend the Eid celebration and most of them are relatives of the family. The Eid festival is celebrated with all the same fervour and enthusiasm, as it is during any other festival.

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