Happy Eid ul Adha | Eid ul adha mubarak 2023 wishes

Eid Mubarak! The name itself is enough to make you celebrate Eid without any reservations or cares. This is one of the most awaited occasions, especially for Muslims and Eid is one of the most celebrated festivals after the blessed Islamic month of Ramadan. Muslims around the world fast from dawn to dusk for the entire month of Ramadan, a span of twenty-eight days. Eid is one of the most awaited days of the entire Ramadan and during this time, devotees of Islam gather in prayer and enjoyment to celebrate Eid ul-Adha with the love and happiness of heart.

During Eid, Muslims all over the globe celebrate Eid ul-Adha with fireworks, firecrackers, Eid lamps, Eid clothes, Eid jewelry, Eid carpets, Eid trees, wall decals, Eid sweets, Eid perfume, Eid sweets and Eid fruit. A small number of Hindu devotees also join the Eid celebration by offering flowers, tributes and Muslim prayers to their near and dear ones. It is believed that the holy Quran was revealed by the prophet Muhammad (SAW), while he was sitting in the lake of Al-Medina. In fact, Muslims consider the holy Quran to be the words of God; therefore, every Muslim feels that it is their responsibility to make this day memorable and everlasting.

Eid ul adha mubarak 2023 wishes

Eid-ul-Adha festival is one of the main feasts of Islam. Eid marks the end of Ramadan and Muslims around the world offer their prayers and homage to the holy Quran and to their worshipped deity, Islam. The festival is marked by a gathering of people in a large place known as a masjid (mosque). Women are eligible for Eid-ul-Adha service but all others too have to take care of their personal needs.

  1. Eid al Adha is not only about spending time with your family and having a lot of fun but its also about bringing happiness to those around you! Eid al-Adha  2023 Mubarak!
  2. Wishing a happy Eid to my woman. Thank you for completing my life and for all the happiness you brought.
  3. Eid Mubarak, my lovely lady. I want to live thousand years more to celebrate a thousand more Eids with you by my side.
  4. Wishing my beloved wife/girlfriend, a happy Eid. I like how you’ve become the brightest star of my life. Keep shining into my sky. Love you.
  5. The biggest teaching of Eid ul Adha 2023 is the eradication of selfishness from the individuals. May your life be decorated with the teachings of Eid ul Adha today and always!

On this special occasion, women offer their Eid-ul-Adha prayer to Allah and ask for his blessings on them and their families. They declare their vows to the lord that they will fulfill his desires and pray to his worthy prophet, Muhammad (SAW), for twenty Eid days and nights. Some women even gift their maids or other female relatives with jewelry and clothes that signify the blessed month of Ramadan. It is believed that after this period, the master of the house will distribute property to his servants according to quota and in accordance with their rankings.

Eid-ul-Adha is a time for happiness and joy. It is a day when Muslims all over the globe break bread, celebrate festivals and give thanks to their religious deities. When it comes to Eid-ul-Adha, one must remember that one’s wishes must be fulfilled and one cannot wish for more than what is fit for him or her. Also, one must not pray for excessive amounts of things such as money, food, and favors as these are considered to be haram (forbidden).

Happy Eid Mubarak 2023 wishes

Another reason for breaking fast on this auspicious occasion is to show gratitude to all those who have been helpful to Muslims all along and to Muslims in general. Eid-ul-Adha is a time when Muslims all around the world come together and pray to Allah. Many believers fast on this day to show their gratitude to their near and dear ones and to convey to others that Islam does not accept ignorance. Muslims also believe that the fast will increase the power of the words that come afterward. So when you break your fast on Eid-ul-Adha, you are actually sending out positive energies to your loved ones and to the entire community of Muslims worldwide.


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