Happy Father’s Day in Saudi Arabia 2021 Wishes, Message, Status, Quotes

May be it is the day for all the men to tell their wives and mothers that they love them. It is a common tradition to give gifts and presents on this day. In many countries it is a day to celebrate the father’s day and spend some quality time with him. There are different traditions and customs on this day. Some of them include having breakfast together, dinner together and after dinner tea together.

The day was established in Saudi Arabia during the 17th century by Muhammed al-Zahrani. He established a festival and called it “al-mali ash-Shaam” (Father’s Day) to honor the role of the father in raising children. According to Islamic law a Muslim does not have to visit his office on Father’s Day. However he has to send a gift to his father on this special day.

It was the British who brought the traditions of Father’s Day in Saudi Arabia. During the year millions of cards are sent to their father on this day. A large number of people also celebrate this day by decorating their fathers’ houses with flowers and plants. Many hotels also organize parties and get together for the entire family. A large number of people also light candles, throw colorful powder on the tables and pay their respects to their father.

This is not the only tradition followed in Saudi Arabia. A large number of women send their father t shirt as a gift on this day. They decorate his house with flowers and offer tassels and other such gifts. Many women also get their photographs taken with their father on this special day.

There are many events that are celebrated on this day in Saudi Arabia. People dress up in their best clothes and visit the fathers in their workplaces. They play father and son games and have their photo taken with them. They enjoy many other activities like cycling, hiking, riding, golfing, picnics on the beach and enjoying the company of their friends.

There is much fun that is enjoyed on this day. Many people get together for picnics and many take part in water sports. In fact this is one of the most important days for many in the Muslim world. On this day they remember their father and wish him all the best.

Happy Father’s Day Wishes Message, Status, Quotes

The tradition of dressing up in a different style as the sons and daughters of the father continues in many countries. Many mothers send their young daughters to school on this day. The daughters then return home and dress up in a different way as their brothers do. For example, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the daughters dress up as the opposite sex. The boys, on the other hand, dress up like their father.

Saudi Arabia has a very traditional society and people rarely do things out of the box. A lot of traditions are followed here and you will not find any TV programmes or music that is seen in another country. A lot of focus is on traditions and this day is no exception. If you are looking to make someone’s day happy then consider sending him a card or a gift on Father’s Day in Saudi Arabia.

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